Keith Law's Comments on 2019 MLB Futures

CLEVELAND – The MLB has made three major changes to the game of futures this year: two good, one just horrible. The game is now at 19 hours. AND, so he does not participate in the last games of the teams before the break of the match of the stars. It is now also a matter between the American League and the National League, rather than a match between a list of players born in the United States to people born outside the 50 states. The world team has often failed to launch, which has caused regrettable eruptions in recent years.

Unfortunately, the MLB has decided to shorten this match to seven innings instead of the usual nine, which, I think, does not benefit anyone. We will see fewer players in the game, they will play less, fans who are not familiar with the game will wonder why the game is over after seven rounds, and the scouts here to rate the players get still looks shorter. (The scouts also found themselves with disconnected seats in the scout section behind the placard, which makes me wonder if the teams will simply stop sending them in the future.)

In the end, the players conspired to give us eight innings, while Sam Huff scored a game of more than two innings late in the seventh to equalize 2-2, which allowed things to end after one last handle. But it was a showcase for pitchers on Sunday night – Huff had the only circuit, and there was only one other extra-base hit in the game. Pitching, especially velocity, dominated the day.

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