Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is blamed for choosing to expose his 9 children to chicken pox rather than vaccinating them


You've probably heard of parts of chicken pox, even though you've probably never attended one of these evenings. Here is a friendly warning: although the word "party" is taken from the phrase, chickenpox is NOT fun.

Years ago, when there was no vaccine to protect children from chicken pox, parents would take all their children to another child who had chickenpox so that their children could get it too. Since you can get chickenpox only once, it seemed like an effective way to end it. However, chickenpox can be more dangerous than anyone knew.

This is why it is no longer a recommended method because there is a vaccine. No one should have any more chickenpox. Everyone should just get vaccinated. Kentucky governor Matt Bevin disagrees.

Bevin has taken a stand against vaccinations to the detriment of his children by exposing them to chicken pox.

The anti-republican vaxxer has boasted about his personal crusade and told WKCT – a conversation radio station Bowling Green – that he had taken his nine unvaccinated children to a neighbor so they could all catch the pox and scratch it off their list.

Bevin said:

"Every one of my kids had chicken pox."

"They contracted chickenpox on purpose because we found a neighbor who had it, and I made sure all my children were exposed to chicken pox, and they got it.

One could almost hear him congratulating himself on being the father of the year.

"They had it as a child. They were miserable for a few days and they all did well.

His children were lucky.

Chickenpox and shingles are caused by the varicella zoster virus (VZV), and those who are affected by it are extremely contagious before the appearance of a rash for one to two days.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly oppose these "chickenpox festivals" in which parents deliberately expose their unvaccinated child to another with epidemic diseases.

The CDC insists on their website:

"Chicken pox can be serious and can lead to serious or life-threatening complications, even in healthy children. There is no way of knowing in advance how severe your child's symptoms will be. So do not run the risk of exposing your child to a person with the disease. "

So, what is the best solution? It is obvious.

"The best way to protect babies and children from chicken pox is to get them vaccinated."

Twitter shared some examples to illustrate what the governor did is irresponsible.

Many shameful comments Bevin, and many wondered how he had reached his governorship.

Bevin's immunization goal comes after a chickenpox epidemic erupts at the Catholic School of Kentucky.

The mandate of the Southeast State requires that all children be vaccinated against chickenpox before entering kindergarten. However, Bevin believes that the government should not impose vaccination because "it's America."

"If you are worried about your child getting chicken pox or anything else, have him vaccinated. But for some people, and for some parents, for whatever reason, they choose otherwise.

"It's America." The federal government should not impose this on the people, they just should not. "

A measles outbreak earlier this year also sparked protests from anti-vaxxers, who refuse to vaccinate their children because of unfounded allegations of MMR vaccine linked to autism.

The lesson here? Vaccinate your children!


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