Kevin Durant explains how he sacrificed many things to join Warriors

OAKLAND – After three days of dismantling the Lakers, Warriors onlookers were worried about the Los Angeles team coming out to hunt in the San Francisco Bay area in hopes of breaking a piece of the dynasty.

No name has been launched for more than that of President and CEO Bob Myers. From the moment Magic Johnson left his post at the Lakers on Tuesday, texting, phone calls and conversations in general are not lacking as to the possibility that Myers leaves the Warriors for the Lakers.

He went to UCLA and worked in Los Angeles during his days as an agent, so. . .

Joe Lacob (CEO of Warriors) thinks his son, Kirk, is ready for the job, then. . ..

The Lakers could make an irresistible offer, right?

Maybe that's why Myers, who was standing on the edge of the practice field as the Warriors geared up for Game 1 against the Clippers on Saturday, needed a few seconds to understand my drift.

Me: What are you doing here today?

Bob: What do you mean?

Me: Should not you have lunch with Jeanie Buss (owner controlling the Lakers)?

Bob: Oh, that's right. Almost forgotten. (Look at her watch) I'm supposed to meet her at 2 o'clock.

Myers then laughed, suggesting that he was in no hurry to leave, even though there were days and nights where he probably would not mind.

For its part, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka seems clearly secure in his status, plunging virtually to the forefront in the void created by Johnson's departure and showing the door to coach Luke Walton on Friday. morning.

For two, Myers, who has lived all his life in the Bay Area or Southern California, knows that headaches related to his current job would hardly be recorded in relation to those felt by the head of the sports team in the entertainment center of America.

For three, Lacob can be incredibly motivated, sometimes even manic, but he surely understands that Myers was very keen on the emotional stability of the franchise. Lacob does not make a questionable decision to save a dollar or two. Or even a million dollars or more.

While the Warriors have become bigger and more daring – and, therefore, requiring both routine and emergency maintenance – it is essential to have someone like Myers. He went there to guide Kevin Durant and Draymond Green through various spasms of turbulence. He was there when coach Steve Kerr was about to blow up and he was definitely there when Lacob was on the verge of detonation.

When DeMarcus Cousins ​​finished with the New Orleans pelicans, he turned to Myers. Regardless of the quality of the Warriors, the Cousins ​​would dare to undertake such an approach only if he had done his research on Myers and concluded that MJ Warriors was accessible and trustworthy.

Every successful franchise has someone who can go into any office in the building and be as comfortable to lend the ear as to get a word out. Someone who can convince a guy from the ledge and another to participate in a task. And a "cooler" that can cool the boiling blood of many people, from the trainers' training desks to the coaching staff and, of course, the men who made the list of what they are. become.

When Draymond Green made the famous comment after the championship parade in 2017, "Can any one give a credit (to a beep) to Bob Myers?" surrounded by so much substantial ego.

Does Myers have detractors? Sure. Some people are looking at recent versions and wondering what took so long to find the next great warrior.

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Myers also knows that there will come a day when the Warriors will not systematically give the rest of the NBA a little more than the back of their hands. His family seems to believe that this is a challenge he loves.

This day has not arrived yet. This is also not the day Myers transfers his family to LA or elsewhere in the NBA. Lacob is smart enough to know if his general manager should leave, his first priority would be to find another Bob Myers.

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