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Kevin Feige says that Marvel has Iron Man projects Villain the Mandarin

Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery in The King's Salvation.
Image: Marvel Studios

The last time anyone saw Trevor Slattery, the old-fashioned actor known to pretend to be Mandarin Iron Man 3he was secretly out of jail by the real Mandarin, probably never to be seen again. Kevin Feige says the universe has not been finished yet with this plot.

During a recent AMA Reddit, Feige simply answered "yes" to the question of whether the studio was planning to retrieve the open discussions left behind. Iron Man 3 and the Hi to the king one-shot that established the continued existence of the "Ten Rings", an international terrorist organization engaged in overthrowing world governments.

Because the Mandarin is a classic villain of Iron Man in the Marvel comics, the events of Avengers: End of the game obviously make the possibility of their appearance in the future Iron Man highly unlikely film. But it is unclear what kind of activity the Mandarin and the Ten Rings performed in the five years following Thanos's breakdown and his defeat in End of Game. The Earth has become a different, more dangerous place when half of the universe has been wiped out, the kind of place in which a brain such as Mandarin might thrive.

The 10 rings of Mandarin.
Image: Carmine Di Giandomenico, Matthew Wilson (Marvel)

In comics, Mandarin is still an important figure in organized crime circles, but the real source of its power lies in the ten literal rings (one for each finger, of course) derived from the extraterrestrial technology that pervades it. variety of abilities.

The MCU was a radically different place when "Mandarin" appeared. Although the new organization of falsification of identity / terror is adapted to the tone and style of a Iron Man film, a real Mandarin with all his powers is exactly the kind of supervillain that would fit into this strange new multiverse filled with all kinds of extraterrestrial technologies and magic.

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