Kevin Lee says light weight policy helped shift to light welterweight

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee goes on the middleweight bout to face Rafael dos Anjos in the UFC Rochester main event.

Many believe Lee is becoming a welterweight because of his size. However, according to "The Motown Phenom", this is not the case. Lee instead decided to gain weight given the condition of the lightweight division and the fact that the main contenders do not fight.

"A lot of [the lightweight division] a little stagnant, which is a real shame, "said Lee on MMA time. "I mean, this has always been one of the best divisions in the UFC. There are so many ups and downs. And that was a part of me, that's where I said I wanted to be and that's where I started and that I will have to finish, especially fighting Khabib. But when I looked at it, like, okay, I'm not going to sit and wait.

"It's too much politics going on. As you said, Max is now fighting with Dustin, Tony is sitting – which makes me sad about this whole situation – and all these other things, and no one wants to fight, and guys do not want that these some fights just to push them up, and Conor is a little on hold. And I'm like, you know what, f * ck all that. Anyway, I am especially worried for myself. For me, I am the best dog. So that's the best fit for my career and my future.

"These fights will always be there," continued Lee. "I'm still 100% confident of winning 155 points, but we'll see afterwards. I prefer this fight to 170; 155, they need to pull themselves together. That's all. I think everything will be done towards the end of the year, but I was not about to wait for them. "

In the end, Lee argues that the move to welterweight is not permanent and that it would return to light weight once the division begins to advance. For now, Lee is focusing on 'RDA' and looking to win a victory in his welterweight debut.

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM the 25/03/2019.

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