Kevin Smith reveals why Ben Affleck does not talk to him anymore

Kevin Smith "big mouth" cost him his friendship with a longtime collaborator Ben Afflecksaid the filmmaker to his fans earlier this week.

The guy who directed Affleck in comedies, including "Dogma", "Chasing Amy" and "Mallrats" toppled tea on Monday when someone tweeted "Sometimes I wonder what's really between Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith, preventing them from talking to each other. "

Smith has retweeted curiosity with his own "riddle".

"One of us has a big mouth and tells too many candid stories that he is sometimes not to tell, and the other is Ben," he writes.

Affleck, who himself became a revered director, took the lead in "Jersey Girl," a song widely criticized by Smith, and also appeared in one of Smith's most successful comedies, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ". Smith also has "Good Will Hunting", which earned Affleck and Matt Damon their first Oscar. The last time they worked together was when Affleck made a quick appearance in 2006 in the comedy "Clerks II".

Smith has made it clear over the years that he was no longer too close to Affleck. In 2016, he said TMZ he had not spoken to Affleck three years later. "It's not like I'm mad at him, I have not seen him for three years," he explained. "The last time I saw him, it was the first of 'Argo's' and the last contact with him took place when he was chosen to play Batman. "

In 2014, Smith said Yahoo! at Comic-Con that it's not "fierce" with Affleck. "I have not been [close with him] in decades, "he added, and explained that he knew" old Ben ".

"He has a wife [Jennifer Garner] it does not interest me at all, he says. And besides, honestly, he probably does not care at all for me. He's a triple-star movie star and shit like that. If it's Jimmy Carter, I'm Billy Carter, to put it in the 70's terms. And I'm not even tied up and shit. "

Affleck and Garner have since divorced. In 2009, Smith revealed that she was not a fan of him, so perhaps this may have prompted Affleck to distance himself from Silent Bob.

"Jennifer does not share the same sense of humor as me – she did not like my jokes," Smith said, The New York Daily News. "I was laughing at Ben Affleck who was making fun of him because I had known him for a very long time – I was talking loudly – and Jennifer replied," You know, if you keep saying things about him, I'm going to kick your ass -. And she could … I saw "Aliases." She has a real sense of humor and does not understand that I'm joking. "

Smith suffered a massive heart attack last spring and said that Affleck had not wished him good luck. While sharing this nugget, he thought about regretting a special case of opening his "big mouth" to talk as well frankly about Affleck.

In July 2017, at a screening of "Chasing Amy" at the Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, Smith shared what he thought was "an adorable story of young Ben Affleck," who embraced the co-starring Jason Lee in the movie. movie. However, he ended up arousing a violent reaction against his former friend, instead of. Affleck, 24, remembered him: "A man who kisses another man is the biggest actor challenge that an actor can face.Now, I'm a serious actor."

The star of "Westworld", Evan Rachel Wood, was shocked by the story and tweeted (and deleted) "Try to get raped in a scene.Also, grow Ben."

Smith admitted after his heart attack that Affleck had good reason not to talk to him anymore.

"So, if you're Ben Affleck, the only time you probably see my name is related to how I make your life more difficult, then I imagine, even if he had heard about the Heart attack, he was probably like, "Well, I'm glad he's alive, move on," Smith said. I have too many problems. I realize, even now that I say that, I try not to talk about him and we only did it for five minutes. He probably did not hear about the heart attack, but he will hear about it. & # 39; Why is this King Crazy still talking about me? & # 39; "

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