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Khloe Kardashian "Never want to see" Jordyn Woods again

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Khloe Kardashian and Jordyn Woods seem to be individually past the Tristan Thompson scandal earlier this year, but that does not mean they'll hang out in the near future, or never, if Kardashian succeeds.

according to PeopleKardashian has no interest in reconnecting with the former family friend.

"Khloe never wants to see Jordyn again," said a source.

Despite the tension between them, Kylie Jenner maintained some contact with her former best friend, while trying to respect Kardashian's decision to keep her distance.

"It's Kylie's choice to have contact with Jordyn. She understands that everything remains very sensitive and hurtful to Khloe, "added the source," Kylie has the most incredible memories of her friendship with Jordyn, she is always very surprised by what happened. "Kylie has always considered Jordyn to be very loyal and respectful.

Woods finally admitted to being at Thompson's and kissing him at a party in February when he would have had a relationship with Kardashian. Nevertheless, "Kylie does not blame Jordyn and Tristan on 50/50 – as far as she's concerned, Tristan is the person she blames more," the source said.

"And as Khloe agrees with that, Kylie will be respectful and will not talk about Jordyn with Khloe, but at the same time, Kylie wants to be able to say hello to Jordyn when she sees her coming out."

Last week, Jenner and Woods were both in the same club in Latin America to celebrate the birthday of their friend Stassie Karanikolaou. For unknown reasons, Thompson was also at the party, although he apparently did not interact with the women. At the time, one source said People that while Jenner struggled to get out of his friendship with Woods, she made it work.

"Kylie is still in touch with Jordyn on occasion, but they will never be the best friends in the world," they said. "Kylie has evolved and looks very happy."

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