Khloe Kardashian responds to Jordyn Woods' rumors of fraud after Tristan Thompson's breakup

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan ThompsonThe love story is officially over … and she reacts to reports that Jordyn Woods is the cause.

E! The news can confirm that the famous couple has separated 10 months after The amazing Kardashian family star gave birth to their daughter True Thompson. We are told that the two partners will remain focused on the co-parenting of their little girl, because Khloe still lives in Los Angeles, California, and Tristan travels the country because of his basketball career.

Hollywood Unlocked reports that the couple formally announced their resignation after Khloe became aware of an alleged case between Tristan and Jordyn, Kylie Jenneris the best friend. During Valentine's Day weekend, Tristan and the 21-year-old found themselves at a private party in his home in South America, where party-goers claim to have seen both A-Listers look strangely intimate

However, the Cleveland Cavaliers player claims that the rumors are "false news", in a tweet deleted since. It seems that Khloe disagrees with her claims because she and her friends commented on the article published by Hollywood on Unlocked on the case. Khloe commented on a series of shouting emojis, while bestie Malika Haqqwrote: "HIGHLIGHTS".

Larsa Pippen rang with an "Amen!"

The relations between Khloe and Tristan have been the subject of much speculation, these two people have not been seen together for some time.

"They will still have a connection because of their daughter, but the dynamics of their relationship is different now," had already declared an insider to E! News, referring to an alleged fraud scandal involving Tristan while Khloe was pregnant. "Khloe does not trust Tristan and the relationship has not been repaired, it will never be the same again."

Even more recently, a source has revealed that Khloe is "focused on True and his work" and "chooses not to worry about classifying their relationship anymore".

"She does not have to think about what's going on with Tristan or what he's doing on the road as before," the source told E! New. "To be true, it is his mother who really counts and who is her top priority."

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Rumors of romance between the two couples erupted in the fall of 2016. Khloe confirmed their relationship a few months later. In addition to hosting a child together, the famous couple had many unforgettable and happy memories during their romantic relationship, many of which have been documented on social media.

But in April 2018, a few days before the birth of True, Tristan was found involved in a fraud scandal that did more than make headlines.

For months, they survived the tragedy, which provoked rumors of separation.

"You have no knowledge of what is going on in our house or the huge reconstruction that it takes to even coexist," Khloe tweeted in June. "I'm proud of my strength, I appreciate your opinion and hope you share this opinion with all the people who have stayed in situations."

Last summer, Khloe and Tristan appeared closer than ever, while True and they spent the summer at his home in Calabasas, California, before the start of the NBA season. After Tristan's return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Khloe supported him in a match and the two also spent Halloween with their daughter.

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Khloe and his family's reactions to Tristan's fraud scandal were shown to The amazing Kardashian family. After the broadcast of the episode, Khloe wrote: "I chose to put my feelings aside for birth and try to have as much positive energy as possible. goal was the birth of my daughter.I do not disturb anyone anything less than what she deserved.A joyful love.I have chosen to be mature and strong for True. "

Despite all the ups and downs, there was one thing that fans could not deny: the love and affection that Khloe has for her daughter. Although she still has various business opportunities in her schedule, being a mother is the first place in group E! the book of the star.

"In this difficult time, I have received the ultimate gift, my adorable baby, True, which has changed my life in a way that I could never have imagined," Khloe tweeted in early November .

"Khloe loves motherhood and all that goes with it," said a source shared with E! News in October. "She loves being with True and is so thrilled that she … She feels very blessed to be her mom and loves him more than anything."

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