Killing Joke – I'm the virus (Lyric Video)

The Lyrical Video of Killing Jokes for "I Am The Virus & # 39; of the album, P Pylon & # 39; – available via Spinefarm Records on October 23, 2015.

Produced by Killing Joke and Tom Dalgety. Mixed by Tom Dalgety

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Killing Joke UK concerts

25 Cardiff, Great Hall of the University
26 Brighton, Concorde 2 SOLD OUT
27 Exeter, Lemon Grove
28 Nottingham, Rock City
30 Oxford, O2 Academy
31 Birmingham, The Institute

01 Manchester, The Ritz
03 Glasgow, O2 ABC
04 Leeds, Beckett University
06 London, The Roundhouse

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  1. Love KJ, and it's 2018, how did I miss this one???

  2. I left the UK in the early 80's as a refugee from Thatcherism etc. My only regret about leaving was that I never got to see KJ live !

  3. наш президент оставил нас.Ушёл в труды -конь педальный

  4. killing joke kills again.excelente,grande jazz

  5. waiting for the next tour stateside

  6. I cannot guess where Nirvana got their sound from peace

  7. I personally dedicate this song to the U.S. Government. We are coming for you. We are the virus and we are going to destroy you.

  8. Perfect, again. Jaz and KJ!

  9. when all else fails listen to killing joke

  10. Jay and the boys are Fearless and  paint a ABSOLUTELY PERFECT picture of how this planet is today. 
    The System is the beast and the masses must take back the power that we foolishly gave to a system that has betrayed us. F–k the system  and save your children ,civil disobedience is the way forward.
     Lots of love from the Tripzville Godz check us out on youtube.

  11. Ἡ μπάντα ποὺ πάντα ἦταν μπροστά…Μετὰ ἀπὸ τὸ προφητικὸ ἄσμα "Δημοκρατία" ἠ ἀπάντηση ἤ μᾶλλον ἡ ἐκπλήρωση…

  12. Come to Brazil brotherzzzzz !!!

  13. a purely fantastic return , fucking epic with that vicious dark edge , it never gets out yer headddddd !!!

  14. The Financial Hegemony of Global Corporate Fiscal Power is causing immense resentment in the Mass Populous.

  15. All of you saying 9/11 was an inside job has the shittiest and weakest arguments ever. I believe USA is extremely evil and I do believe they would sacrifice a lot of their own for money, but your arguments that 9/11 was an inside job is so poorly argumented. It's like that shitty conspiracy movie made by a 17-year old and everyone believed him.

    Yes, it's more exciting to think the US is behind 9/11, but I've heard so many scientists, engineers etc completely fuck your theory in the ass. When you actually have solid proof give it to me. Tinfoil hat-wearing pimple faced motherfuckers.

  16. The behemoth of darkness. One must see the light to avert impending doom.

  17. Killing Joke is the Red Pill of Rock.

  18. keep rocking guys and fuck the EU and NWO! Awesome track!

  19. The Joke just took the words right out of my mouth. Check out the Tripzville Godz track "system is the beast" here on youtube.

  20. Wow, what a lyrics! Came to this album right now and I´m really surprised in a positive way, how Jazz speaks out of my mind….the same as New Cold War or European Superstate lyrics! "Steel framed buildngs don´t fall in seconds" Keep it up!

  21. Hate is eating it self up, about time.

  22. the satanic JEW masonic world order…

  23. No one believes
    In the bay leaves
    Steel-framed buildings
    Don't fall on the bay leaf…

  24. Fantastic song. KJ keep on being prophets, in a world every day more disgusting.

  25. death to the IMF and all the reptoid zionist

  26. they speak the truth KJ rocks

  27. first heard jaz back in 1978 I knew then he was out there and now so am I OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!

  28. listen because this is true – read 1984 and you will be the spirit of outrage