Kim Kardashian condemns Fashion Co. for using it to sell exceptional outfits

Kim Kardashian Sues Fashion Co.

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02/20/2019 15:05 PM PST


Just a day after Kim Kardashian torn into a fast fashion company for ripping off her style … she hammered the message by sending a different message to the court.

Kim has just filed a lawsuit against Missguided USA – an online retailer selling celebrity-like outfits, and often by Kim herself – for using her name and image without permission to advertise their own creations .

In the documents, obtained by TMZ, Kim cites several cases where Missguided has released her own versions of the clothes that Kim photographed dressed. Kim says that outfits are often whipped and hawked in a matter of days or even hours.

His trial includes a post-by-side post, alongside another Missguided, as evidence of what makes her shit about the company.

She also says that Missguided often tags her on their social media posts – and includes photos of her – by giving people the misconception that she is working with this company.

Sources close to the case tell us that the lawsuit brought by Missguided is only one of many lawsuits against nested brands in fashion.

It's interesting … Kim just slammed Fashion Nova to recreate it vintage dress "belt boob" Mugler the other night, claiming that this fast fashion business was "devastating". Fashion Nova has not used its image to sell its products.

Missguided, however, did … and that's why Kim chases them.

She is asking a judge for an injunction to immediately prevent Missguided from using her image … and she is claiming more than $ 10 million in damages.

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