Kim Possible deserves a place among Disney Channel movie classics


Let's leave one thing alone. The original Disney Channel Kim Possible movie is just that: an original Disney Channel movie. We can not compare it to live theatrical versions of Disney animated movies; it is made for television and is based on a television show. Adjust your expectations on the actual action Kim Possible Consequently.

That being said, this version of Kim Possible, a classic Disney cartoon from the mid-2000s, retains the true spirit of the DCOMs that many of us have grown up with – Wendy Wu homecoming warrior, Halloween City, and Zenon: 21st Century Girl among them. Kim Possible Campy and hammers his message with the subtlety of a hammer, but it's not a criticism. It just means that Kim Possible is, like most in the canon of DCOM, a fun movie and a little more.

[[[[Ed. Note: This article contains slight disadvantages for Disney Channel. Kim Possible.]

Kim Possible carries a heavy legacy. The animated series took place from 2002 to 2007 and was a staple of many childhoods. Featuring a teenager who fights crime and her best friend (and her naked mole rat) as they tackle the criminals and the dangers of high school, the show has received many accolades. Unlike many other action comedies at the time, Kim Possible centered around a capable heroine, and many boys and girls were watching the show. Because it's a show so loved by childhood, the value of nostalgia is high.

In Kim Possible the DCOM just like Kim Possible the original Disney Channel series – Kim (Sadie Stanley) leads a double life. The day is a high school girl; after school, she plays football or removes the bad guys. In the film, Kim's biggest enemy, Dr. Drakken (Todd Stashwick), still wants nothing more than to defeat her once and for all. Because Kim is just so good at everything, he decides that he must steal the spark of what makes her Kim.

Yes, Drakken wants to play with Kim Possible. He intends to do so literally, as if Kim's spark could be achieved.

Meanwhile, at the heart of the film, Kim wrestles with a struggle that many millennials who have grown up with the show may include: After accomplishing and achieving the best of all that she did during most of her life, she is facing a difficult turn in high school. At first, it is not equipped to face the social hierarchy and the demands of its teachers; but when her new best friend, Athena, begins to surpass her in almost every way – including in the fight against crime – Kim has to fight feelings of insecurity and jealousy. The final plot is predictable, but the movie is no more than a live action episode.

While this premise is valid for former fans of Kim Possible, some do not seem able to leave out their long vision of a live version. When the lead actress Sadie Stanley was chosen, many reacted negatively because she did not fit the version of Kim that they had projected in their minds. The crown of the great childhood classic rests heavily on the wearer's head.

But instead of comparing the results of 2019 Kim Possible For some incredibly refined fantasies, we must turn to other Disney Channel Original movies. That's what it is, after all; not a full remake, but a fluffy TV rate.

The scenography and special effects of Kim Possible are dramatic, and could be raised directly from the cartoon. Different gags adorn the high school tent every time it is shown; Ron's specialty, the "naco", drips of cheesy goodness; Rufus the naked rat-mole is just stupid enough not to be shocked. At one point, Kim looks at her old suit – the one that looks like the costume she wears in the cartoon – and notices that it has always seemed a bit "cartoon" to her.

The acting game also consists of blocking it. But when it comes to children, Sean Giambrone in the role of Ron Stoppable is particularly endearing, bringing his own touch to the weird character. Sadie Stanley may not have the same vulnerability against Kim, but if you realize that Kim was a cheerleader beyond the goals of the crime, her personality and insecurities make sense. The adult cast, which includes Kim's original voice actor, Christy Carlson Romano, also plays a minor role and delivers the sometimes honeyed lines with finesse. And Taylor Ortega, who plays Shego, describes everything about the iconic villain, exhausted eyerolls with sneaky returns.

The cast of Kim Possible usually manages to prevent the film's shallow plot from falling flat. Despite all the efforts of Stanely and his team, there is a lot of misplaced melodrama. Kim realizing that she is more than her achievements, that she can be a good person without being good at all, would have more impact if it was of grandiose intrigue. of the second half of the film.

Although a few bumps in the plot route persist, Kim Possible manages a a comforting end, wacky and endearing characters, and a wonderful horny. It makes an acceptable tribute to both the original Disney Channel cartoon and films that preceded it – as long as you keep in mind that it's a tribute, and nothing more.

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