Kingdom Hearts 3 would have been "unfeasible" on Nintendo Switch


I like Nintendo, but they have never been a constant power. Since the Wii is on the shelves of stores, they have gradually moved away from even trying to be at the same level as their competitors in terms of console power.

Of course, this approach has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that we get a more profitable system, able to support many different types of game immediately. But the main disadvantage is undeniable. The switch can not accommodate many third-party multi-platform games. So what does it mean? Despite the amazing relationship between Nintendo and Square Enix, the opportunity to get Kingdom Hearts III does not look good, as Imran Khan, editor of Game Informer, put it, Kinda Funny Games:

"At last news, there was a discussion between Nintendo and Square Enix about what they could do with Kingdom Hearts III. It was considered impossible to obtain Kingdom Hearts III on the switch. "

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I guess this is not the biggest surprise for those who follow this kind of thing, but if you were hoping that the announcement of Dragon Quest XI was somehow an indication that the last adventure of Sora and others could happen on the Switch, you are mistaken unfortunately.

But, although this game may not be possible, you can still stick to the HD remasters of the first two games, right?

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SOURCE: Kinda Funny Games (via Nintendo All)

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