Kingdom Hearts teams up with Talisman for a special table edition of the RPG saga


It will take longer than all Kingdom Hearts games

Personally, I've never really liked Talisman, the fantastic table game that exploded during my formative years. A few years ago, I tried my luck at a party that lasted a lifetime and finally resulted in the designation of a winner. Yet, I am the exception, as Talisman is undeniably an emblematic name of the board games pantheon.

Square Enix and USAoploy have announced their collaboration to create a special edition of the classic Games Workshop title, related to Disney's saga Kingdom Hearts. Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Editionwill see players take control of popular characters such as Sora, Dolan, Gooby, Kairi, Riku and King Mickey as they fight The Heartless in a dice-thrown adventure.

Players will visit recognizable places such as Traverse Town and Never Land, exchange currency based at Munny and, hopefully, never enter a Gummi ship. Talisman quite long as it is. Apart from the basic concept, there are no details, images (apart from a graphic art model) or even a publication window, but USAopoly asks you to follow their different social media accounts for more information.

Kingdom hearts 3 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition under development [USAopoly]

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