Knicks 119, Warriors 104: Scenes from the RJ and Mitch show

The New York Knicks started off with a 40-point first quarter and pulled out in the second to beat the Golden State Warriors, 119-104.

The haterz will point to a strange ejection from Draymond Green at the end of the second quarter, but the point is, New York mainly controlled this game from the start. The Warriors went up in flames Thursday night, but the Knicks had the drug.

RJ Barrett led the Knicks with a career-high 28 points. He was in total control of his scoring arsenal in the first half, and he got enough buckets when the team needed them in the second half.

Mitchell Robinson, who had a few well-deserved days off after being knocked out in the last few games, came to life in the second half. The Warriors may have the second center of play overall, but youngster Mitch destroyed the Golden State endline with 18 points in the second half.

The second unit struggled in the first half, but helped build the lead in the second. Obi Toppin had some cool dunks.

Benny will get the recap. Get some sleep, children.

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