Knicks regretted Spike Lee's tanking remark at the Oscars


The Knicks were happy to be part of the Oscars Sunday night, but they did not quite like Spike Lee's remark about their high stakes.

"No comments on this," said Knicks coach David Fizdale after Monday 's practice session.

Shortly after the final defeat of the Knicks' victory over the Spurs ending their 18-game losing streak at home, actor / presenter Samuel L. Jackson mocked Lee on the Hollywood stage in announcing that the Knicks had actually won the Garden "I repeat … the Knicks have won tonight."

"We're trying to make the tank," Lee shouted back.

The Knicks leader Dennis Smith Jr. was not amused.

"That's what it is," Smith said. "We are trying to win games here. That's what we're paid for, so that's what we're going to do every night. "

Fizdale, from Los Angeles, was grateful for the Knicks' joke in Hollywood and he was enjoying Lee's reputation more and more. They have a relationship now.

"It's nice to hear about our names," said Fizdale. "Congratulations to Spike. It is long overdue on this podium. He was great, extremely, extremely [supportive]. We actually exchanged texts [Sunday] night & # 39;. & # 39;

The congratulations come from the fact that a little later, Jackson announced that "BlacKkKlansman", the film directed by Lee, won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. This was the first real Oscar win for Lee, who received an honorary award in 2015.

Lee then stated that he and Jackson were close friends and had been to school together at Morehouse College.

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