Kobe Bryant: I do not care about Michael Jordan, LeBron James, GOAT debate | Bleacher's report


The former Los Angeles Lakers NBK basketball player, Kobe Bryant, listens to a question while he meets students from the Andrew Hamilton School School in Philadelphia on Thursday, March 21, 2019. Kobe Bryant was doing promoting the book The Wizenard Series: the training camp that he created with writer Wesley King. . (AP Photo / Matt Rourke)

Matt Rourke / Associated Press

NBA fans will spend eternity wondering which player is the greatest of all time, but do not expect Kobe Bryant to involve them.

The former Los Angeles Lakers actor gave a surprising answer to Mike Greenberg's interrogation on Get up:

"I moved on," said Bryant. "You have a career, you do your best, for 20 years, I've been very lucky to play, and then you put it away, you're done, move on."

The conversation has apparently changed for Michael Jordan against James Lebron, although Bryant has been part of this argument for years as an All-Star 18 times with five career NBA titles.

Many Lakers fans will continue to defend his greatness, but it seems like the 40-year-old does not want to.


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