Kodack Black really had a good year. It seemed that this morning things were starting to seem legendary for the artist "Tunnel Vision", after it was reported that the judge in his case had given him permission to use his house of $ 600,000 in warranty (after lied about firearm applications) in order to guarantee his bail which was placed at $ 500K, the rapper was released after filing a bond with house arrest.

Unfortunately, the rapper was already on bail for his North Carolina case and his legal team was concerned that his recent arrest would prompt a revocation in the sexual assault case. The latest news indicates that they may have been right to worry, the court records indicate that officials in Florence County, South Carolina, filed a motion Wednesday to quash the bail after the rapper's arrest in Miami.

Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

Kodak was arrested in April and charged with first-degree sexual behavior for an incident in February 2016 between him and a high school student (who, it was later revealed, was not a minor). The rapper was arrested a few months after the alleged assault and released on bail of $ 100,000.

However, it now appears that officials in South Carolina want his contract to be revoked after reading the federal charges and an article from The Blaze. reveals thatt Officials have "up to 48 hours to release the rapper or appeal the link that has been given to him, and his legal team does not know if or when he will get it out".