Astellia will open: "I want to make another leap forward on the PC MMO"


On December 27, Nexon conducted a media interview on the MMORPG PC's 'Astellia', which is in the open beta test phase on Dec. 13, and presented the game in great detail.

Chung Hyun-tae and Park Hoon, Development Leaders of 'Astellia & # 39; in 'Studio 8', followed by Barnson, development manager of Astellia, and had time to unveil the game.

On the same day, Chung Hyun-tae said, "I have developed the CBT until the second, but once I think about it, the images posted on the outside are not luxurious, "said OBT. We created 3D rendering images for each clbad and replaced Astell's appearance in the book with 3D rendering images. "

▲ Studio 8 Chung Hyun-tae

In addition, systematically, 'Astellia & # 39; will also show the old system & # 39; at OBT. However, Astelia did not finish her job during her ascent and, after reaching Manchep, she accumulated experience and returned to work. As you change jobs, additional statistics as well as skills will be added.

Other equipment synthesis systems are also added. In the second CBT, a device evolution system, an extension of the system, was introduced. The synthesis of the equipment consists in building the equipment of the higher level by grouping the equipments of the same level, finally, the combined equipment of the third level will play an important role in the growth of the character, combined with the previous system recently added. Chung Hyun-tae said: "This is not a method to develop good equipment by eliminating existing equipment, but a way to continue developing a favorite piece of equipment is a system that has special significance for Astellia."

In addition, Astellia will present a wide variety of "Avalon" and final content delivery systems on Open BETA on December 13th.

▲ From left to right Studio 8 Chung Hyun-tae

Q. In the rare case of a heroic collective role playing game such as "Genesis 4", I wonder how you think of developing Astellia.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: Astellia is a game developed with the aim of being an authentic MMORPG, with the exception of the concept "Astell", which is the name of the animal. Therefore, we have not configured the capacity of each clbad so that it is different from other MMORPGs because of the presence of Astell or to make the system incomplete without Astell.

I think that Astell is added for the purpose of an authentic MMORPG, and as the game itself is not the focus of Astell's collection I think it's different from other games.

Q. I recently developed a game developed with Unreal Engine 3 and replaced it with Unreal Engine 4, but I did not worry about this part.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: I can not continue to extend the development period, but I ended up using Unreal Engine 3 because I had to finish one day. Changing the engine during development is a huge task. Once I have successfully settled on 'Astellia', I wish to create another game for Unreal Engine 4.

Q. How do you grow Astelles, respectively? I wonder if I should carry the equipment separately or what kind of equipment.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: To grow Astell, it is not planned to do anything independently, regardless of the growth of the main character. Astell can acquire naturally while she's playing the dungeon, and she does not want to bear the extra burden of growing it separately.

However, if you want to reach a certain Astell, you can focus on the dungeon or play it.

Q. PvP and PvE, respectively, stated that there were special astelles, but that the growth of these astelles would increase users' burden.

Park, Some useful icons for certain contents exist, but they are not systematically distinguished. It is therefore possible to use them anywhere, in any Astell or in your clbad and situation. However, I thought that Astell's uses and methods of use would not be summarized in terms of user attack.

Astell's education is basically top level and consists of three types of elevating the grade and attaching a gemstone. In addition to that, Astell has the effect of boosting the stats of the main character: for example, if the Scalar clbad increases spell power to increase the number of healing done, the spell power of the same type of astel healer will also increase. This allows the Scala clbad to have a relatively better effect when using ScalaAsstel.

The Astell level was designed so that you do not fear to get the same level of experience as the main character if you place Astell in a card game 8. To raise the score, you enter the dungeon and grow the same kind of astel. In the case of a stellar gem, it has already been installed in the second CBT, but in open beta, you can strengthen the Astell by connecting all the gems to the five locations. In total, five improvements are possible to allow you to climb up to 30 stars.

Q. If a person summons a maximum of three Austral, it is difficult to recognize the situation when you play a game.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: This part was a concern since the beginning of its development with the concept of authentic MMORPGs specializing in pet supplies. At first, Astell covered the camera's field of vision a lot, but it was gradually resolved. The maximum number of party members is four, which also corresponds to Astell.

Park, Whether you play alone or in a group, Astel's role is different. In a unique player situation, Astell specializes in the complementarity of some non-professional aspects of the MMORPG character. In such circumstances, recognizing Astell is more important than anything else and remains clearly visible.

Astell's role in the party game is a little different, but it does not fill the gaps of the individual, but uses it strategically to fill the party's limited role. At the time of the TCC, users could see the Scala of the party a little weak and agree to play with the summoning of the healer Astel.

I've talked about it, but I do not want to put too much pressure on Astell. If the astels are summoned, they will play only a very limited role in the party. Let them know that they have done their best so that what other actors do at the party is not so important.

Q. I have been very insistent on "authentic MMORPGs", but I wonder what that means exactly.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: There are two aspects to it that is an authentic MMORPG. First, Astellia considers the role of Tang, dill and caregiver as a unique sense of role play and sees cooperation as an important value.

If you watch the action MMORPG against an authentic MMO, you will buy a cool action at a significant value when you play alone. It therefore seems that the meaning of the party played by the division of roles does not disappear. And when we focus on actions and controls, we use self-target or non-target. However, in terms of group play, I think these targeting methods are less appropriate than orthodox targeting methods. Therefore, in order to maximize the effects of role sharing, it was decided that clbad clbadification and targeting method were needed. Astellia has adopted both.

Another important factor in the MMORPG is collection and growth. Therefore, this part should be more characteristic and interesting than other genre games. In this respect, I wanted to exclude the feeling of short-term growth or end-of-life growth, or to change post-development, and the feeling of starting all over again at some point. I would like you to see it as an expression of willingness not to betray the users' growth efforts.

Q. I have especially focused on the performance and quality aspect to explain the changes that have occurred since CBT. The content that users enjoy has not changed.

Park, In fact, we performed tests to check the final content through the first and second CBT. I've tested not only the content that goes up to Mabre, but also the content I need to reach, but this may seem short because I have to show everything in a short test period and shorten the growth period . However, given the amount of content, I plan to make a big update 6 to 7 months after the open beta, and I think I can enjoy it until then.

The final "Avalon" content, however, is a fact that has highlighted various issues during the 2nd CBT. So we made many improvements, including allowing us to be together in the guild unit. It has been adapted to content that can be enjoyed long days of the week and weekend until the weekend.

In addition to improving the appearance, some efforts, such as the appropriate placement of rewards to enjoy the pleasure of the content and the pleasure of the user when the content is completed, are part of the achievement system . In addition, I would like to say that I am also working on strengthening my room in order to continue to enrich my collection.

Q. I wonder how I specifically addressed the issue of Avalon's imbalance in the second CBT.

Park, To be honest on the issue of power imbalance, it would be fair to say that I believed in the power of numbers at the time. I tried to solve the problem roughly to a certain extent, but I clearly knew that the second CBT was not working as we thought.

In order to improve this, we have planned a detailed plan to distribute the forces also, based on the results of previous seasons, as well as top ranked players, including the guild. The results of the simulation show that the difference in power ratio is less than 10%. In addition, based on the prepared simulation and numerical values, we plan the pre-season after the open beta. Of course, continuous tuning will continue in the future.

Q. It has been said that Avalon has become a guild unit, but I wonder if users who have not joined the guild will not be able to enter.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: If a guild member is the first member of the guild to follow the camp, it is badigned to him. If you are not part of the guild, you can organize a party as before.

Q. The composition of the content looks like a game that requires patience, which should last a long time. I wonder how you look at the age group playing this game.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: It aims to make sure that a game is convinced, and it is aimed internally and at the 30th and 40th user groups. Of course, it is said that the age group is the same for all ages.

Q. If you were targeting the 30s and 40s, you could have been 18 years old.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: I think this will suit users in their 30s or 40s, but of course the younger ones are also important. In general, it is common for games to target men in their thirties and thirties, so I hope the twenty will play too.

I want to point out that if you were targeting users of 3:40, you are not focusing heavily on a niche market. So, I have not even thought about filling adult content for 3 to 40 years in the development process and getting an adult clbadification. In general, I wanted to make a game that pleases more people.

Q. The Lost Arc has changed somewhat in the online MMORPG market, which failed recently. Astellia is also an expected game, and I wonder how you think of the online PC gaming market.

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: We look forward to being in the second segment of the online PC market. The story of "PC online games is going up" has long existed in the industry and I think we need some momentum. And I have the hope of being able to act now.

The development of online PC games in Korea and in the market was in a recession. And I think "Lost Arc" is very successful after this stick. If Astellia is fine, we can say that the apogee of the online game on PC is approaching. I think so

Q. The PC room service at the time of the opening also greatly influences the effect of the visitor. I wonder how PC room service is getting ready.

Park, NEXON is in agreement with NEXON in the case of PC room service. Basically, when you log in, you can play premium enhancements or services with the applied service, and reward you with, for example, cumulative connection compensation or by providing specific items based on play time.

In addition, we know that in the first days of its opening, there is also a contest. The computer room is a very important market for us, so we hope that many users will play it.

Q. Finally, can you tell me to what extent you want to achieve significant results after the opening?

Chung Hyun-tae, CEO: It is very difficult to answer the question about the current market. Especially in recent years, PC Online is not an extension of the MMORPG market. PC MMORPG is hoping for such a jump, and the other is a very long life expectancy.

Recently, online MMORPGs seem to be booming, with rapid cooling phenomena, and Astelia has long been preparing to create an environment that users can enjoy for a long time. Our goal is to take this vitality for a long time rather than shame.

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