Korean skin care regimen is fashionable


Regarding the most popular skin care treatments in Korea, Allure says it's not about slicing foods such as sugar, dairy products or even gluten from its diet.
This is to reduce the intense stratification routines of the skin.
Enter the "skin care regimen," described as "the anti-10-step routine."
Allure explains: "He is giving up the K-beauty brand by focusing on a streamlined skin care regimen consisting of only two or three steps."
And these three steps are super simple. Just wash your face, moisturize and apply SPF.
Liah Yoo, a New York-based YouTube star and founder of Korean skincare brand KraveBeauty, is the American face of the Skin-Care diet.
She adds: "" People have accumulated so many different products that they have developed redness, tenderness and, even worse, contact dermatitis. "
The minimal approach by the facial, the moisturizer and the SPF seems to work, because Allure says that "these products are generally free of any aggressive active ingredient".

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