Kris Jenner hopes Kanye West can save 'KUWTK'


Above Kim, Kanye West finally becomes a major star of The amazing Kardashian family – and has only learned that the manager Kris Jenner hopes that this new role will save the series!

"Kanye really controls the content of season 16 and that is why viewers have seen a level of production as different in the first episode," Radar told a source close to the 63-year-old matriarch.

"Kris has decided to let him take the reign a little, and she just begs for her vision to increase the ratings! He tells her that things have to change and she puts her vision aside for a minute to let him in. "

As fans know, the 41-year-old rapper played alongside his wife, Kim Kardashian, in their meeting with Confessional for the premiere of the season.

After announcing that they had a fourth child in their family, the superstar couple returned to Kanye's hometown in Chicago to show their North West daughter her childhood home and settle the beef he had with his rapper companion Rhymefest.

In addition, the father of three children also showed viewers a Regal theater, which he is renovating.

"He uses the show as a platform for his projects," the source told Radar.

So what do Kim's sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian think of Kanye's vision? According to the insider, they are both on board.

"Khloe and Kourtney think that Kanye is a genius, and if he can help them increase the number of spectators in the series, they talk about it thoroughly," said the insider.

"They are all nervous right now and really hope that Kanye's vision for the show will lead to a rise in ratings for the premiere, as well as for the season."

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