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Krispy Kreme offers an original donut filled as a free gift

Krispy Kreme unveils a new classic. And it's give it away for free.

On Monday, the donut chain launched the new, original filled donut. The treatment takes the iconic iced donut from the chain and fills it with classic Kreme or chocolate Kreme.

The original pie donut joins Krispy Kreme's permanent menu on Monday. And soon, customers will be able to take one free of charge.

On Saturday, June 22, Krispy Kreme will be offering the new donut filled free of charge. The famous Krispy Kreme gift, which gives more than a million free donuts during National Donut Day.

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All the customers need to do to get a free donut, is to go to Krispy Kreme on Saturday and ask for the donut free. Guests will be limited to an original filled donut.

Krispy Kreme

"Krispy Kreme was at the launch of Apollo 11, serving new donuts to Americans witnessing the take-off of this monumental mission," said Dave Skena, marketing director of Krispy Kreme, in a statement.

"As the United States prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, we want to offer our fans a unique new taste experience," Skena continued. "We chose to fill our Glazed Original donuts, not because it 's easy, but because it' s difficult (no disrespect, JFK). is not difficult, it's melting in the mouth, it's delicious. "

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