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Kristin Cavallari Backfired for September 11 Instagram Post

Kristin Cavallari gets a violent reaction for posting a photo of herself in New York on September 11, with the feeling of "always remembering".

The reality TV star and designer James, a talented, consulted her Instagram account on Wednesday to post a picture of her dressed in a scalloped black dress and a pair of strappy shoes , which she titled "NYC for 24 hours". However, the photo quickly aroused anger when the 32-year-old tried to turn the photo of the outfit into an homage of September 11, 2001 with the original caption that said, "And what a time to be here. .. remember always. "

The original Cavallari legend called people to
The original legend of Cavallari called people to "always remember". (Photo: Instagram)

Immediately, people began to blame him for being "your deaf-mute" for posting the photo and marking the marks it carries. One person even suggested that today, it was not the day to market your brand or yourself.

"Let me show my body and then make a half-note about 911. WTF," commented one commentator.

"It's a lack of respect and an attack on the magnitude of the events of this horrible day," said another.

One critic questioned the intent of the legend and asked, "Sorry … do you want us to remember the dress or importance of 9/11?"

Just a few hours after its first publication, Cavallari published his caption simply to say "NYC for 24 hours".

The friends of the television personality have since taken his defense.

"People who question your outfit in this picture are what is wrong with our country. you were working today. it was your outfit. you posted a picture and asked everyone to REMEMBER … people are nil, "commented Justin Anderson, hair colorist at Cavallari. "If you do not post a picture, you get fucked and you do not care about shit … people need better battles."

Cavallari's representatives did not immediately respond to Yahoo Entertainment's request for comment. However, Page Six indicates that she has already fired the staff member responsible for the caption.

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