Kristin Cavallari to host "Paradise Hotel" Reboot


Fox is ready to return to the game of dating competition, and to do so, he is rebooting a relic of the past. In January, the network announced that Paradise Hotel would return to the Fox line. After the resounding success of The masked singerFox hopes to have another big winner in the competition genre and is doing everything in his power to do it. Not only will the show push the boundaries and reinvent all of the reality shows, but they have also engaged Kristin Cavallari, the transformed Laguna Beach party girl. mother three, to accommodate.

What is Paradise Hotel?

originally aired on Fox in 2003. In the original incarnation,
the candidates were opposed to each other in a tropical region. Once inside
the luxury resort a group of sexy trendy singles, trained alliances and
struggled to go out with a money boat and potentially the love of
their life.

Every week, one of the 11 members of the cast is expelled from the hotel
until a winning couple remained. The winner had the choice to divide his team
loot with their partner in crime or leave them in the cold. In the original version
incarnation of the show, winner of season 1, Charla
decided to keep the cash prize of $ 250,000 for herself.
Co-winner Keith Cuda chose to share his winnings with his partner.

What's new in the reboot?

Fox tried to do Paradise Hotel to arrive for years. After her first season in 2003, a second season of the show aired in 2008 on sister Fox's network, but did not return for follow-up. Fox thinks the time has come Paradise Hotel back for another ride.

During the reboot, live elements will be embedded to conserve
interest of viewers. Interactive features will allow viewers to influence the
show in real time. The host, Kristin Cavallari, also brings the power of the stars to
s & # 39; align. Cavallari is currently playing in his own reality show, Very Cavallari. Very
follows the old Californian girl while she's acclimating to
Challenges of Being a Business Woman in Tennessee.

Why is Fox bringing the show back now?

While Paradise Hotel Not thinking that the world was finally ready for the interactive nature of the show, Fox failed to attract attention in its first edition. The continued success of The single person told several networks that dating competitions are of great interest to the public.

Fox, who never leaves behind, is ready to change appointments
competition game entirely, and they bet on the sexy, well-known singles
the host and the dream place of the series to do just that. Paradise Hotel will be first with a
two hours special on May 9, 2019.


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