Krystal Jean Lee Kenney told the police Patrick Frazee beat the fiancée Kelsey Berreth to death with a baseball bat


A Colorado man, Patrick Frazee, was sentenced in court for the murder of his fiancée Kelsey Berreth on Tuesday after an abominable testimony at the hearing. Agent Gregg Slater of the Colorado Investigation Bureau said that former nurse Krystal Jean Lee Kenney, who was having an affair with Frazee, reportedly pressured her for months to have her She kills Berreth, but that she does not Denver Post reports. According to Slater, she said that Frazee finally told him that he should do it himself – and then called on Thanksgiving Day to tell him that she "had a mess to clean up" . She told the police that after driving from her home in Idaho to Colorado and being left at Berreth with a key provided by Frazee, she had discovered a horrible scene, with blood. on walls and furniture.

Slater said that Kenney – who had agreed to testify against Frazee as part of a plea agreement – had stated that it had taken him four hours to clean up the crime scene. She said that Frazee had told him that he had tied a sweater on Berreth's face and had beaten him to death with a baseball bat. She added that he told her that the couple's daughter, aged one year, was in a walker in the room at that time. Slater testified that Kenney had asserted that she had gone later with Frazee to retrieve Berreth's body from a barn where he had hidden it and seen it burn on his ranch, reports l & # 39; AP. Kenney, who pleaded guilty to tampering with the evidence, said she drove to Idaho with the murdered woman's phone and had it available. She told the investigators that Frazee had stated that Berreth had mistreated their daughter, but that the police had found no evidence to support this claim. (Read more stories from Kelsey Berreth.)

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