Kundrathur Abirami Dubsmash Exclusive Viral Video | SCIs


Kundrathur Abirami Dubsmash Exclusive Viral Video | SCIs

Chennai woman arrested for killing her children

She allegedly had an extra-marital affair, tried to go to Kerala

A special police team in the city arrested a 25-year-old woman who allegedly killed her two children aged 4 and 7 by poisoning them on Saturday in Moondramkattalai, near Kundrathur.

Police said Abirami's husband, Vijay, who works at a private bank, returned home Saturday morning, but found his son and daughter dead. He immediately informed the Kundrathur police.

The police sent the bodies to the Chromepet government's general hospital for an autopsy.

Preliminary investigation revealed that Abirami had an extramarital affair with Sundaram, met in a restaurant.

"The plan was to poison Vijay and the two children. Vijay having not returned at the usual time, he escaped.

"After poisoning the children, the woman tried to smother them by closing her mouth and nose," said a police officer.

Fled to Nagercoil

She saw the children and her husband as an obstacle to her marriage to Sundaram, said a police officer from the Kundrathur Police Station.

After committing the crime, Abirami left for Nagercoil, whence she and Sundaram had planned to go to Kerala. But Sundaram was arrested by police in Chennai.

"After reaching Nagercoil, Abirami disposed of his SIM card," said a police officer.

She called Sundaram a cell phone from a traffic police officer without knowing he had been arrested.

Kundrathur police called the number of the traffic officer to confirm that she was in Nagercoil.

"They asked Sundaram to call her and convince her to return to Chennai. When she reached the terminus of the Koyambedu bus, the police caught her, "said a policeman.

Both were placed in judicial detention.

Chennai: Mother kills two children

They said the research teams had "some clues" and that they would soon catch both killers.

Chennai: In a horrific case of passion murder, a young mother poisoned her two children in the suburb of Kundrathur and ran away with a biriyani saleswoman while her husband was working in a private bank, police said . They said the research teams had "some clues" and that they would soon catch both killers.

Police said Abiramani, 25, and Vijayakumar, 30, were living with their 7-year-old son Ajay and their 5-year-old daughter Karumila in Agastheeswarar Koil street in Kundrathur. They had moved here just five months ago. Their marriage was in love about eight years ago.

The family had dined at a hotel in Biriyani near their homes at one time or another, when Abiramani met Sundaram who was working there. Both soon developed intimacy.

The duo decided to eliminate the whole family and flee to a remote place to start life again, and as a result, Abiramani late Friday fed her two children with poison and waited for her husband to come back to finish it.

But as fate turned out, Vijay had to stay at his bank because of hard work and returned home around five o'clock Saturday morning. He was surprised to find that the house was not locked from the inside but a bigger shock was waiting for him. Pushing the door, he found his two children dead with foam in their mouths.

Police who arrived at the scene took the two bodies to the Government Hospital of Chromepet for an autopsy. A hunt was launched for Abirami and Sundaram.

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