Kyler Murray is unlikely to seduce the giants


INDIANAPOLIS – The Giants, and all the other attentive players, know that Kyler Murray will always be considered a "short" quarterback, no matter what happened at the NFL Scouting Combine on Thursday, when he went to be measured. Unless, of course, that he suddenly grew to 4 inches.

That's how Murray surprised some by crossing the threshold of 5 feet 10 inches – his official height is 5-10 ¹ / ₈ – should not prompt giants with choice No. 6 in the project to increase their interest in the winner of the Heisman Trophy that seduced everyone during his first year in Oklahoma.

La Poste had previously reported that the Giants, at least initially, far preferred the top quarters if they wanted to replace him after Eli Manning, who will return for a 16th season. Dwayne Haskins, another one-year-old wonder measured between 6-3 ³ / ₈ and 231 pounds, is a profile of a larger player than the Giants prefer at the post.

This week, the Giants will meet Murray, Haskins and other top quarterback prospects. They have not yet stacked players on their board and keep an open mind with all those quarterbacks that, as Pat Shurmur leads, "come in all shapes and sizes ".

Murray's height is not the reference. The scouts were very interested in seeing – they knew he would be within an inch of their projections. In the end, it is shorter than Russell Wilson of the Seahawks. Murray weighed 207, adding muscle to his weight in the middle of 195. Some think that number has been inflated. Durability being such a problem for smaller quarters, Murray's extra clutter is encouraging.

"Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl," said Shurmur. "I think you have to look at the total players, you have to look at his productivity and you also need to know where he is in his place.As coaches, we will use their best skills to try to shoot the best of them and help you win games.

There is no doubt that the Giants regard Murray's stature as a disadvantage, but not necessarily as a playoff. If a player misses a physical requirement from the checklist, he has to compensate for that elsewhere. It remains undeniable that quarters under six feet in the NFL are anomalies.

"I've already said it's an important game," said General Manager Dave Gettleman. "You can talk about anything you want, the game changes and everyone goes crazy about everything the college guys do. The bottom line is that it's a big man's game. So, if you do not have the size, if you lack physical qualities, so to speak, you must have what I call a compensation factor. And the compensating factor is often instinct.

"One of the things I focus on, and my staff, we talk about it all the time, is instinct. Does he have an idea of ​​the game? Is it a step ahead of everyone? The instincts and intelligences allow you to play bigger, stronger and faster. It's a reality of life. "

It remains to be seen what reverberations Murray would break the 5-10 barrier throughout the league. It may be the Cardinals – their new head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, has already professed his love for Murray – to transfer Josh Rosen to an exchange and with the # 1 overall pick to translate that love into action by taking Murray . Maybe another team is emboldened because of this little extra effort to get Murray.

Shurmur said he had already looked at each of Haskins and Murray's snapshots in 2018.

"[Haskins] looks a lot like Kyler in many ways, "said Shurmur. "These are guys who have been really successful in a year, but they are very similar. They have played in leading programs, leading programs and have had great success. When you watch them on tape, the two outstanding players. "

Shurmur pointed out the obvious – Haskins is bigger – and added, "You will find that Kyler Murray runs more with the ball than Haskins.

"You would like to see a guy have several seasons, but there are guys who have only played a year and have had success, [like Mitch] Trubisky. That's why they have all shapes and sizes and their origins are all different. This is the real challenge, find those who will play well in our league. "

The giants could classify the prospects in this project and none of the quarterbacks are suitable for them in No. 6. They want to find the possible successor of Manning, but they have other needs screaming and immediate that correspond to those of this project. talented pass-rush.

Murray measuring an inch or more than expected will not be the determining factor in how the Giants ultimately view him.

"When you watch it on tape, it's an outstanding player," said Shurmur. "For a player under 6 feet, he had only five balls hit. That's why I say you really have to watch the player and how he competed, how he helped his team win games, how he moved his feet. You have to watch everything, then consider it and decide if that player is right for you. "

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