Kylie Jenner has another hotel room when she travels just for her clothes and makeup


Kylie Jenner's travel routine may surprise!

In a video posted Wednesday on YouTube, the 21-year-old explains how she is preparing for Travis Scott's boyfriend Astroworld Tour shows. After doing her makeup routine – and sharing a few hugs with Stormi, her 9-month-old daughter – Jenner puts the camera in her closet and explains how everything is organized.

"Travis and I have our own room and then I always get a second room … for my wardrobe, my makeup and also Stormi," reveals Jenner. The extra room, says Jenner, allows Stormi "to play and have more space when in a hotel room as she always travels with us".

Jenner explains to the camera, after the revelation of her second hotel room: "I pack my bags before leaving, so I hang them up – I always unpack and hang up all my outfits – super easy and I'm not sure. Do not really have to think about it. "

Jenner's video comes after Scott's 26-year-old shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Before the first show, Jenner supported her man with a sexy shot of herself in a Astroworld top of the sheath.

"The look you give when your husband performs at Madison Square Garden tonight," she said.

Stormi also loved the love! Scott shared two videos of the lovable tot dancing and singing while watching the show behind the scenes. "MSG ALL RAGERS INCLUDED", he subtitled.

During Scott's Wednesday night show, Jenner joined his boyfriend on stage, alongside the "Stargazing" rapper, while he was performing in front of an audience in a cart suspended over the air. public.

Fans seized the moment on video and Jenner herself was inspired by her Instagram story to gorge on the experience.

Kylie Jenner at Travis Scott's "Astroworld" show in New York on Nov. 28

Kylie Jenner / Instagram


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