Kylie Jenner just accuses Travis Scott of cheating


Just when we thought things outside the Kardashian / Jenner camp could not have any jucier – things just exploded. Just recently out of her best friend Jordyn Woods with Tristan Thompson, Kylie Jenner has just accused her boyfriend, Travis Scott, of cheating. Here is what we know.

Why did Kylie Jenner accuse Travis Scott of cheating?

It's a stressful week for Kylie Jenner. The makeup negro finds it hard to know that her best friend was sneaking behind her back and seeing her sister's boyfriend. Now, things in his own household are starting to collapse. According to TMZ, Jenner's boyfriend, Travis Scott, came back from the east coast to surprise her, along with their 1-year-old daughter, Stormi, earlier this week.

Apparently, during their visit, Jenner discovered "evidence" that the rapper had unfaithful and the couple had quarreled about it since then. Unfortunately, things got so bad that Scott had to cancel his AstroWorld concert in Buffalo, New York on Thursday night, in order to cope with the fallout.

Is Kylie Jenner worried Did Jordyn Woods also cheat with Travis Scott?

Apparently, before discovering this "evidence" about Scott's fraud, Jenner also feared cheating Jordyn Woods. Earlier this week, she invited the rapper to have a heart to heart with him. A source told Hollywood Life: "Kylie had a lot of heart to Travis and asked him if Jordyn had already flirted with him, tried to meet him or if he had done something d & # 39; inappropriate." Astroworld The rapper assured his lady that nothing like that had ever happened. Scott told Jenner that nothing like that had ever diminished. The source explained: "Of course not, and that he would have told her about it right now."

Did Travis Scott cheat Kylie Jenner?

According to sources close to the rapper, Scott would not have cheated Jenner with Woods or whoever else. Although he continued to deny that he was unfaithful, he failed to allay Jenner's concerns. Obviously, Jenner is already nervous, she was completely blinded by the Woods / Thompson bond and she does not know who to trust anymore.

An insider told Hollywood Life, "Although Kylie wants to forgive Jordyn, she can not help but feel foolish about trusting him. Kylie reflects on all of Jordyn's interactions with Tyga. Kylie just can not believe everything that happened and wants it to be a big mistake because she misses her companion. At the moment, it looks like Jenner is just trying to understand what's going on in her world.

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