Kylie Jenner quietly ditched almost all of her friends on Instagram, including Sofia Richie


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Kylie Jenner gave her Instagram watchlist a major cut this week, E! reports, with the makeup mogul abandoning nearly all of his friends, including Sofia Richie, his former assistant turned friend Victoria Villarroel, and her platonic date Fai Khadra. Jenner now only follows 28 accounts, and almost a third of them are fan accounts of her.

The rest appear to be family (all Kardashian and Jenner siblings), though ex-boyfriend Travis Scott and best friend Stassie Karanikolaou remain on the list. Why did Jenner’s Mace essentially abandon all of her close friends except one? E! did not speak to a source about Jenner’s intentions, but the outlet did note that because Jenner was not following people like Khadra who stay very close to family, there does not appear to be any drama related to the cleanup. from his following list. She just wanted cleaner food.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

That said, Jenner and Richie have more of a distance these days, following Richie’s split from Scott Disick, Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Kourtney Kardashian and the father of her three children.

Us weekly reported in August that Jenner purposely hadn’t attended Richie’s birthday trip to Cabo San Lucas because she wanted to avoid causing embarrassment with her family. (Yes, the fact that Los Angeles had been under safer home control for months at that time, urging residents to avoid non-essential travel due to the coronavirus pandemic, apparently wasn’t the biggest Jenner’s motivation to skip the overseas festivities. In fact, Jenner was criticized in August for ignoring the non-essential travel ban and making a trip to the Turks and Caicos in August for her own birthday.)

A source explained the two’s relationship to the release, Statin, “Sofia and Kylie are still friends, but Kylie decided to stay back and not make Sofia’s birthday trip to avoid any awkwardness. Kourtney isn’t upset by Kylie and Sofia’s friendship and wouldn’t tell Kylie what to do, but the Kardashians are extremely loyal to each other and Kylie felt she better stay behind. “

The source added that Disick would have actually “been more upset than Kourtney if Kylie had left.”

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