Kylie Jenner Stormi Webster International Women's Post


  • Kylie Jenner published a beautiful tribute to her daughter Stormi on the occasion of International Women's Day.
  • It was an intense week for Kylie, who tried to work on her friendship with (ex?) BFF Jordyn Woods.

    Kylie Jenner may have had a lot of problems lately, including becoming a billionaire and maybe eating with Jordyn Woods, but that did not stop her from taking the time to share a sweet message about her daughter yesterday .

    Yesterday was International Women's Day, and while some people on Insta chose to publish on the pioneers and models, Kylie took the opportunity to publish articles on the Stormi baby.

    Kylie shared an adorable photo of her and Stormi wrapped in a towel on a sunny day with the caption, "This little girl motivates me every day to become the best woman I can be. #InternationalWomensDay"

    I mean … how cute is that!?! Excuse me while I try to do not tear on this Instagram …

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