Kylie Jenner supports & # 39; & # 39; Hubby & # 39; Travis Scott at his biggest concert so far

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner could not be more proud of her boyfriend Travis Scott.

On Tuesday night, the makeup magnate wore an Astroworld t-shirt for Travis's performance at Madison Square Garden in New York. She did everything for her boyfriend's show and wore new silver locks, bright orange pants and a cheetah printed handbag. She finished the look with nothing but a dash of Kylie Cosmetics lip gloss.

Before coming to cheer for her man in a world-renowned location, she shared a photo of herself giving the camera a sensual look, with the caption: "The look you give when your husband performs at Madison Square Garden tonight. "

Sadly, Stormi Webster Had to stay at the hotel while her parents had a well deserved evening in town. But luckily, she had plenty of free time to relax with her mother earlier in the day. On Tuesday afternoon, Kylie shared the picture of an angelic-looking Stormi, sleeping peacefully in her cradle.

"She comes everywhere with me … the little favorite road dog," she loved the picture. The sweet little Stormi has become a fanatical traveler as she follows her father and mother across the country during the Astroworld tour.

Last week, the family of three put their trip on hold so they could spend their first Thanksgiving together. Kylie commemorated this special moment by sharing unpublished family portraits. In the photos, Kylie, Stormi and Travis pose intimately in matching black sets, magnificently complemented by a black and white filter.

And even though the pictures give the impression that Stormi is a mom's daughter, a recent video of the babbling babe seems to prove the opposite. In the clip, the nine-month-old girl holds a makeup palette while Kylie tries to teach her to say, "Kylie … Cosmetics." However, Stormi clearly has other concerns in mind as she babbles incoherently before saying "Da Da".

"Da da," Travis commented. "I'm back mom."

Kylie does not seem to worry about the strong bond between Stormi and Travis. In October, she said: "They have a crazy connection and she is definitely a daddy's daughter.It's cute to look in. When daddy is here, [it’s like] I'm not even here. "

Too cute!

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