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Kylie moves away from the self-made billionaire title and refuses to overshadow Jordyn Woods by cutting the price of lip gloss

Kylie Jenner is once again responding to Forbes magazine's controversial claim that it is the youngest "self-taught" billionaire, and this time it is moving slightly away from the title.

The reality TV star admitted that "technically" she had no legacy for her fortune, she also told the New York Times Saturday, "I can not say that I did it myself."

She also denied any nuance behind the recent gash of a lip gloss wearing the name of her former best friend – and the girl accused of cheating with Khloe & # 39; s ex, Tristan ThompsonJordyn Woods.

"It's just not my character," Kylie told the Times of the product whose price was cut in half Kylie Cosmetics website. "I would never do something like this and when I saw it, I was like knocked down." Jordyn knows I did not really put it on sale. "

According to "The amazing Kardashian family" star, it was a routine price reduction in response to a change of packaging and Kylie was unaware.

As for his finances, the youngest Jenner clarified: "If they only talk about finances, technically, yes, I do not have money inherited.But I have had a lot of help and a huge platform. "

This platform has grown in the limelight as a cast member of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", perhaps the most famous family in America, and certainly one of the richest.

Earlier this month, Kylie said Interview Germany"There is really no other word to use than self-made because it's the truth, that's the category in which I fall."

But even then, she quickly pointed out, "I'm a case apart, because before I started Kylie Cosmetics, I had a huge platform and a lot of fans." Nevertheless, while she claimed that she had not received any money from her parents after the age of 15 and that she had launched Kylie Cosmetics with her own funds, "And I'm very proud of it."

Really, it was the heart of her argument, that even though she was 15, she had a lot of money and lived at home in her family's mansion with all her needs paid, none of her real income. was directly inherited. It was won.

But while she was confident of wearing this self-made label earlier this month, she does not seem to be as comfortable today.

Perhaps it is the reaction of the public that has erupted and continued following Forbes' statement, or perhaps just an awareness that it has begun. of a place totally different from that of almost anyone on the planet. Self-taught or not, however, one can not deny that she and her entire family continue to build their financial empire an episode, a product, a message on social media, an endorsement and an appearance at a time.

And collectively, their current high status in pop culture and social media is the result of their hard work over the last twelve years.

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