Kyrie Irving-Kevin Durant shows how Irving plays with Celtic fans

At the NBA All-Star Weekend, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant chatted outside the locker room for about 24 seconds. In appearance, this seems to be one of the most innocuous phrases ever written. But it's the NBA, where even emojis can trigger an international incident.

In recent weeks, Irving has been sneaky with the media about his pending free agency, telling reporters that his much-discussed relationship with LeBron James did not concern them. phone call with LeBron last month. King James followed this revelation with a set of Instagram videos associated with Fetty Wap's "Memories," in which Irving's nickname was tagged.

It's almost as if these guys were friends with each other.

That's why it's hard to dismiss the brief conversation of the stars with Irving and Durant. This seems like a coincidence if anyone randomly taped them together, given rumors ranging from Kyrie to New York. The Celtics apparently believed that the extreme conniving agent Rich Paul was the source behind the speculation, but Irving does not seem to fear the spotlight, despite what he says. He seemed to announce "two top bids" at Durant, so both players would have been playing for the Knicks last season.

Earlier this week, Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe said it would not be surprising that Irving would meet his hometown, the Knicks, when free competition would begin.

So, was the recorded Irving-Durant movie an innocent gossip in front of a camera or orchestrated waterfall to generate more buzz for the brands KD and Uncle Drew? In addition, Kyrie played 25 minutes in the All-Star Game and served an alley to LeBron.

Irving has this plot on many fronts.

It's all a big game, and no one knows how it ends – maybe even the antagonists themselves.

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