Lady Gaga and her fiance Christian Carino separated

    Take your tissues, because Lady Gaga and her fiancé Christian Carino have officially announced their resignation. A representative has confirmed People this afternoon.

    "It just did not work. Relations sometimes end, "said the source. "There is no long dramatic story."

    Fans began by speculating on the fact that they were both on the rocks when Lady Gaga came to the Grammys without Christian and her engagement ring. It's pretty huge, so when it's not wearing it, it's very noticeable.

    She did not thank him either in her speech when she won her award for "Shallow", which seemed like a deadly gift to the fans. FYI, the two of them have not yet commented publicly on their split.

    BRB, listening to the whole A star is born repeated soundtrack as I drown in my own tears.

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