Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Tattoo Theory Stock Photo | Are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper dating?

Lady Gaga has known several months in 2019 to date. She has won numerous awards for her performance in A star is born, including a Grammy for his hit song "Shallow". Now the singer is creating a real buzz with her new tattoo: fans think Lady Gaga's tattoo is for Bradley Cooper. Die you? Could this be the beginning of something new between the couple on the screen? Or are they just the ultimate goals of BFF? Or maybe the tattoo is just for her and no one else … let's talk about it.

Bradley Cooper has repeatedly said that he would not have done A star is born with someone else than Lady Gaga. The actor even admitted that he was afraid to direct, but this discovery of Lady Gaga reassured him. We can understand why. The power couple on the screen stole and broke the hearts of those who watched the film around the world. Even just that adorable moment seen in the caravan when Jackson lowers the window of his car, stands up and tells Ally (with Cooper's piercing blue eyes and a slight smirk), "I just wanted to look at you again." in his eyes we are SWOON, which means that Gaga and Cooper were the perfect musical couple in the film, and many pieces were inspired by their own lives.

In an attempt to make the film more authentic and realistic, Cooper used part of his story as well as that of Gaga. Her character was not autobiographical strictly speaking, but she was deeply involved because of some added elements. "When I wanted to become a musician, I started to work," Gaga told Vanity Fair. "I jostled all the doors of the building, shuffling my piano in New York trying to make people listen to what I had to say." His character was beaten by the industry. music for her appearance. "I had to go back even further, as a teenager, I was bullied in high school and I did not feel pretty enough," she said. entrusted to Vanity Fair.

The singer "Born This Way" actually started in the same way as her character Ally in the movie: singing in drag shows. And Gaga made waves last week when she debuted with a new pink tattoo honoring her role in the film. Her first song is at the bar where she sings "La Vie En Rose".

And his tattoo covers the whole of his spinal cord. Wowza. "Happy Valentine's Day." A tattoo of "the pink life" of the beautiful @winterstone, my spinal cord is now a rose, "wrote Gaga.

But the tattoo that makes everyone vibrate is the musical chord she tattooed on her forearm. Four days ago, Gaga shared this picture on Instagram, writing: "The musical crisis avoided. Too many tequilas have forgotten the mediocre fifth line. Here is the real deal. "

And fans quickly pointed out that the notes were marked "G-A-G-A". It makes sense if we call ourselves GAGA. BUT! A fan has launched a new theory, and the Twitter verse flips.

"The notes spelling GAGA in the treble clef, spell BCBC in the bass key … they really complement each other …", wrote the fan, pointing out that Cooper's initials are BC.

Oh man! Is it just a happy accident? Or were the musical notes intentionally meant to spell him and his initials as co-stars?

A fan made it clear that the notes spelled out the two names:

This may reflect their deep friendship and their common bond for the creation of such a magical work of art. There is really a true love and admiration for another gift. When asked about Cooper, Gaga rushed to Time magazine: "From the moment we met, I felt a spirit similar to him. And as soon as I heard him sing, I stopped dead. I knew that he could play a rock star. In fact, he is the only actor on the planet to be able to play this one. "

The project was a "mutual act of faith" for the couple. "She has entrusted me to give me so that she can turn out to be the actress she is," Cooper said. "And I told him that I would be able to become the musician I was terrified of being."

This type of trust, support and vulnerability is beyond any movement. Fans have said that the pair is really complete. And according to the notes on Gaga's arm, they were not mistaken.

But that does not necessarily mean that there is a romantic possibility between the two A star is born actors. Although Gaga's relationship is a little unfinished (she may have ended the film with her fiance Christian Carino), Cooper happily frequented the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.

It seems that fans of the duo will have to live their fantasy by watching the couples movie again. Or go to the Oscars on Sunday, February 24, 2019 to watch the live performance of "Shallow" performed by both Gaga and Cooper. We can not wait!

For now, discover those cute moments between Gaga and Cooper during the awards season up to now.

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