Lady Gaga on her iconic Oscars performance with Bradley Cooper


A star is born may not have swept the Oscars as forecasters had made it believe, but Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper one of the most iconic moments of the night – and I'm not talking about Gaga's well-deserved victory. The duo of the film reunited on stage to perform "Shallow", winner of the best original song, and the show was one of the highlights of the ceremony – a superbly loving song realized that channeled the magic of the old school movie of the first two Cooper film Cooper.

And I'm talking about a lot of chemistry. So much so that the internet has become commonplace with speculation in recent days and collectively losing the mind on one of the best-run and most effective Oscar performances of all time. With his Oscar in tow, Gaga is stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to straighten the gossip merchants. Gaga says to Kimmel with an energetic look: "Yes, people have seen love and guess what? That's what we wanted you to see. It's a love song, 'Shallow'. A star is born is a story of love, "she continued. "I'm an artist and I guess we did a good job … we fooled!" She said with a laugh.

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Image via Warner Bros.

Better yet, Gaga gave an overview of how the segment had met. In reality, the performance channeled the magic of the film so well: Cooper realized it! "Everything you saw, the way it was shot, the way they pushed the piano, you saw them assemble the piano, we went on stage … no intro, that's all. was everything for him. "

Gaga also announced the new re-release of the film, which includes an additional 12 minutes, including a preview of one of the new scenes. The full interview below, followed by the performance of Gaga and Cooper – just in case you have not watched it 100 times.

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