Lady Gaga puts things clear on these rumors of Bradley Cooper Romance


After Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper caused a frenzy on the internet with the scorching performance of the Oscars, Mother Monster appeared during the episode of Wednesday Jimmy Kimmel Live! to clear things up on these rumors of romance.

When Jimmy Kimmel Asked him about the speculation, the ninth Grammy winner gave a giant glance and let his expression speak for themselves.

"First and foremost, social media, quite frankly, are the toilets of the internet.What they did for pop culture is simply catastrophic," said the singer. "Yes, people saw love and – guess what – that's what we wanted you to see."

Gaga then reiterated the award-winning number that they played, "Shallow", is a love song and that their film, A star is born, is a story of love. She also explained how Cooper planned their entire performance – from their walk together to piano rollout, shooting and lighting.

"I knew that he had the vision of how it should go," she said.

In addition, the character of Ally said that it was important for both celebrities to be "connected all the time" for the performance.

"Look, I have my arms crossed Tony Bennett for three years traveling the world, "she said. When you sing love songs, that's what you want people to feel. "

Kimmel then asked Gaga, jokingly, if she had an affair with the 92-year-old crooner.

"No!" Gaga said before closing once and for all romance rumors. "No, I'm an artist and I guess [Cooper and I] did a good job. And, fooled yourself! "

The night host seemed to understand where she came from.

"You know what? I fall in love when I look at him," he joked. "It's really hard not to look in the eye and get lost."

In addition to responding to rumors of romance, Gaga released his Oscar and reflected on his victory for the best original song.

"I swear that when we won, it was as if all my artistic career enlightened me," she said. "I immediately saw myself sitting on the porch of my studio in New York, on concrete, with my keyboard next to me, trying to figure out how I was going to drag my keyboard, again, my ascent. It was amazing, it was a difficult job, I said it in my speech and I repeat: if you work hard and you do not give up, you can do n '# 39; anything. "

She also talked about A star is born Back in the cinema with additional footage, Kimmel received a special surprise in the honor of the disc's release disk.

Watch the video to see his interview.

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