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Lakers star Kuzma lost 35 points to Charlotte on Friday night to win the MVP title.

The US team dominated and beat the world 161-144 team in the game Rising Stars

The Lakers nearly gave Kuzma to the New Orleans pelicans before the deadline, with Johnson and his teammate desperate to land Anthony Davis.

They are ready to give up their young nucleus of Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and many choices to bring Davis to Los Angeles.

However, after losing 35 points in just 22 minutes to Charlotte, the Lakers fans were convinced that Kuzma should stay.

A fan said, "Kuzma could already be better than Anthony Davis. Do not believe the hype. Kuz is a 40 on foot.

"Davis never had to play under the pressure that pushed Kuz to enter the league under L. But forget the players' development because LeBron wants A.D."

Another added: "Kuzma> [Jayson] Tatum. Lakers package better than all the [Boston] The Celtics could offer for Davis. "

"Kyle Kuzma has been named the most valuable player in the all-star game and the Lakers still want to include him in an exchange against Davis," said another fan.

Another wrote, "I would not even trade Kuzma directly against Anthony Davis now. Your loss, PelicansNBA. "

"No matter whether Anthony Davis plays for the Lakers or not, the Pelicans ruined everything because they lost to Kuzma," added another Lakers fan.

"I was for the proposed trade on the deadline, but in the summer, it's better that Magic does not include Kuzma !! PERIOD!!"

Kuzma has talked a lot about the Lakers this season after LeBron James came to Los Angeles.

And when asked if he would prefer to play for a less eye-catching franchise like the Orlando Magic, Kuzma said he was satisfied with the reviews.

"Obviously, the national media love the Lakers. Everyone is talking about it, "he said.

And if you add LeBron James to the lineup, one of the best players, you'll get even more coverage.

"But, I mean for myself, I would not want it to be any other way.I want people to talk about me – good or bad, because if they are not, I mean, you do not do not do something good.

"I would prefer that we talk about bad players in Latin America than play in Orlando and nobody talks about them."

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