Landon Collins cleans the giants' locker

Landon Collins, following the end of the Giants season, said he "hoped to be here."

There is a lot of confusion about whether this hope is still intact.

A The ESPN report appeared on Wednesday He said the Pro Bowler had tripled his record and bid farewell to his Giants teammates, coaches and coaches. Paul Schwartz of the Post denied the accuracy of the report, saying Collins had not cleaned up his locker and Giants fans could start venting.

The Giants weighed in to apply the franchise label – which would bring him about $ 11.25 million – on security, which had been the subject of commercial rumors at last season's deadline. The 25-year-old would be in great demand if the Giants let him walk, even though it was absurd, even if they were not ready to engage in a long-term deal with Collins.

Collins played 12 games last season before undergoing surgery on a partially torn labrum. He indicated that he wished to return even though the label of the franchise was not attractive.

"Would I play on [the tag]? Collins said, "I do not have a choice, but it's not a big deal for me, I know what I can do, let's hope we work something before that." the franchise, I just have to continue to prove myself. "

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