Larry Sanders plays Jimmy Fallon, the fifth anniversary of the Tonight Show


Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon
Screen Capture: The Tonight Show

Monday marked the fifth anniversary of Jimmy Fallon's bar Tonight's show like the old Saturday Night Live The star's personal party boat, musical parodies and Nickelodeon games. The credit deserved well, because the birthday ceremony took the ambitious form of a mockingly uncomfortable uncomfortable. The Larry Sanders showhilarious and painful deconstruction of the late-night talk show model, deceased by Garry Shandling. Fallon was effusive about his love for Shandling's self-poking and self-poking comedy series, and announced the intention of the episode by heading toward his monologue in front of a framed photo of Shandling, before arguing with his acolyte Steve Higgins, who gave permission to his film. Exhausted BBQ recipe book, in imitation of Hank Kingsley, who self-promotes unparalleled. (No Jeffrey Tambor's cameo was forthcoming, however, thanks to the actor's real impression of Kingsley's mismatch in the workplace.)

From there, the show rang The Larry Sanders showThe changing attention between Fallon's interviews (with Tina Fey and the indispensable animal specialist, Robert Irwin) and the behind-the-scenes dissatisfaction that plagued the 30 Rock house of the series, like the huge roaches left by the previous appearance of Irwin. Fey growls: "You know what you did" during his pre-interview hug, leaving Fallon, puzzled, forcing his way through their seemingly pious conversation about the recent The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the next Amy Poehler's first film, Wine country. ("Trump was elected because of you," Fey accuses under the breath as he leaves). The typically watery monologue bombs of Fallon. Everyone on the board agrees that Fallon looks puffy, pushing his growers to plan to remove ramen noodles from his dressing room. Fallon, annoyed, is caught in a hot mug that scolds Irwin, 15, behind the scenes, giving Fallon a sweaty way to win back his dismayed audience. Even the group, the country rockers Florida Georgia Line, pose a problem, their grumpy manager demanding that Fallon allow the duo to get time on the coveted sofa.

Meanwhile, Ben Stiller walks in the corridors in a confused panda costume, annoyed that his surprise appearance is ruined, Fallon's scornful writers sabotage the monolingual Spanish promo of Telemundo in English, and the bit of Robert DeNiro's green screen is abandoned when DeNiro can not do anything with all the cockroaches. Not even executive producer Lorne Michaels can claim to be impressed, starting with a darkening: "The good news is that there is another tomorrow." And if Jimmy Fallon does not want to be impressed. is not able to access the profound shame of the Shandling show (the fashionable Stiller bear makes fun of the Fallon actor, sneering, "No matter, TaxiThis is at least a respectful approximation with love of a world where everyone finds Jimmy Fallon unbearable.

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