Last four predictions for 2019: Michigan State vs. Texas Tech, Auburn vs. Virginia in NCAA Tournament Semifinal


The Final Four has arrived, although it seems a little different from what we expected. There are only three games left in the basketball university season, and the action is optimistic for Saturday with a large number of broken parentheses eager to see who can emerge.

Virginia, number 1, will play 5th Auburn in the first semifinal, followed by seed number 2, Michigan State, and seed number 3, Texas Tech. Virginia and Auburn both won their round of 16 in the round of 16, while Michigan State and Texas Tech both finished first.

We could consider a first champion at the 81st edition of the NCAA tournament. Michigan State is the only remaining team to win a national championship, winning the 1979 and 2000 victories.

Texas Tech has the highest margin of victory in the tournament, averaging 15 points, but remains opted against Michigan State. Are our CBS sports experts waiting for the Red Raiders race to continue? They have all been invited to pick the winners for each Final Four game – both in alignment and in a row – and most of them are on the same page.

Check out all our predictions below and make sure you visit our NCAA Tournament Selection Guide for the choice of experts throughout the tournament.

Saturday's Final Four

No. 1 Virginia (-5.5) vs No. 5 Auburn – 18:09. on CBS: This is a game that will be a battle of rhythm. Virginia only allowed his opponents to score 52.1 points per game, while Auburn scored 61.1 goals scored per game. Virginia will try to take care of the ball and force the shots late in the clock. The Tigers will seek to force turnovers and shoot quickly. Another key point in this game will be the effectiveness of Auburn on the 3 points. The Tigers averaged more than 11 scorers at 3 points per game, the third highest score in college basketball. Virginia is ranked fourth in the country, allowing only opponents to shoot at 28.7% over a distance of 3 points. To choose: Virginia -5.5

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State of Michigan No. 2 (-3.5) compared to Texas Tech No. 3 – 20:49. on CBS: Michigan State just won a point victory over Duke in the Elite 8, where he forced 17 turnovers. It is a confrontation of two elite defenses. Texas Tech and Michigan State are both ranked in the top three defensive goals. Who will be able to create better shots, Cassius Winston and the Spartans or Jarrett Culver and the Red Raiders? To choose: Texas Tech +3.5

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