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The robot rover the size of a car ceased all communication with the Earth in June 2018, when a global storm invaded Mars. Now, after 15 incredible years of exploring the surface of the red planet, NASA has finally put an end to its mission. The sad announcement was made after NASA engineers had used all the options available to try to relaunch Opportunity. On Wednesday, February 13, the US Space Agency said Opportunity was at the forefront of Mars and we will be sorely missed.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, said, "Innovative missions such as Opportunity will be one day when our brave astronauts will walk on the surface of Mars.

"And when that day comes, some of this first footprint will belong to the men and women of Opportunity and a small rover that has defied all expectations and has done so much for exploration."

But the already dark news from NASA worsened when the space agency revealed the latest release of Opportunity with the Earth.

As the Martian storm slammed on the rover and sunlight was stifled by the sun, NASA, powered by solar energy, said, "My battery is weak and it's dark."

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NASA Rover Opportunity: Mars NASA rover

NASA opportunity: brave martial rover officially dead on red planet (Image: NASA)

NASA's Rover Opportunity: Last Known Location

NASA opportunity: the rover was lost in Perseverance Valley on Mars (Image: NASA)

The "death" of News of Opportunity has garnered worldwide support and words of consolation for NASA and its engineers.

Opportunity's legacy continues

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA

Messages of support invaded social media when the last heartbreaking words of Opportunity were revealed to the public.

The Twitter user Giddy, @giddthegoat, tweeted, "Well, am I really very sad about the Opportunity Rover?

"She was so scared that her last message was," My battery is low and it's getting dark, "as it's depressing?

"Thank you for helping us discover for 14 years, Opportunity. I miss you."

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Jemimah Violette, @ahoyjamie, said, "When Opportunity rover said," My battery is low and it is blackening, "I felt that.

Maxwells Demon, @yoonmims, said, "I love the fact that the March Opportunity rover was only supposed to leave for a 90-day mission, while he survived for 15 years. Really an icon. "

Khaliday Mirany, @Khalid_Mirany, said, "It was a very sad event.

"The Rover Opportunity, which had been on Mars since 2004 for only a 90-day mission, exceeded everyone's expectations by fulfilling its mission for more than 14 years, finally stopped. Rest in peace."

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Rover Opportunity of NASA: Rover Mars

NASA opportunity: sincere messages came from all over the world (Image: NASA TWITTER)

Rover Opportunity of NASA: Rover Mars

NASA opportunity: the rover extended its 90-day Mars mission by 15 years (Image: NASA TWITTER)

NASA's Rover Opportunity took off from Earth on July 7, 2003 for an interstellar journey to the infamous Red Planet.

The robot rover was designed to explore the surface of Mars for 90 days Martian – a little over 90 Earth days – and travel a distance of 1,609 m.

But the rover has exceeded all expectations 60 times, with a decade or so of revolutionary years on Mars.

Thomas Zurbuchen, associate director of NASA's Science Mission Directorate, said, "For more than a decade, Opportunity has been an icon in the field of planetary exploration. It teaches us the ancient past of Mars as a wet and potentially habitable planet. unexplored Martian landscapes.

"Any loss we feel today must be tempered by the certainty that Opportunity's legacy is perpetuated – on the surface of Mars with the Curiosity rover and the InSight lander – as well as in theaters. White JPL, where the next rover March 2020 takes shape. "

The opportunity died in the western part of the Perseverance Valley, a crater 22 km wide (22 km) down a Martian slope.

The director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Michael Watkins, said, "I can not think of a more appropriate place for Stamina on the surface of Mars than another called Perseverance Valley.

"The records, discoveries and sheer tenacity of this intrepid little beast are testament to the ingenuity, dedication and perseverance of the people who built and guided it."

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