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One of the strange things about Tom Coughlin, the head of the Jaguars' welcome desk, who complains about Jalen Ramsey's absence from volunteer training sessions during the off season, is that Ramsey also missed out on volunteer training sessions and the team seemed to be doing well.

Jaguar coach Doug Marrone said last year that Ramsey was working with his father, and defense coordinator Todd Wash said the team did not fear Ramsey's return to form.

"One thing you do not have to worry about is that Jalen is working," Wash said last year. "I do not worry that it's coming back to not be in shape.It's the last thing in our mind.We know with Jalen how it is preparing, when it comes back, it will be ready from. "

There was no concern last year, but Coughlin felt the need to say something and Ramsey felt the need to react this year, what was wrong? exchange?

One difference is that a year ago, the Jaguars had just played in an AFC championship game and Ramsey had just finished a good season. This year, the Jaguars start a season 5-11 and Ramsey did not play as well.

Another difference may be contractual: Ramsey is eligible for an extension for the first time in his career and he said at the end of last year that he was ready for a new contract. Coughlin may think that Ramsey is too focused on his contract and not enough on getting ready, while Ramsey may think that if the Jaguars do not show him money, he has no reason to volunteer.

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