Launch of the Galaxy S10 today: latest rumors about the release date, specifications, features and price

Samsung Galaxy S10

Screenshot by Abrar Al-Heeti / CNET

Samsung will officially introduce the Galaxy S10, the flagship phone from 2019 that is extremely important for its bottom line, later today. Of course, we already know almost everything about this – as well as a handful of other upcoming products, including two new wireless charging devices – thanks to a series of persistent, complete and almost certainly accurate leaks. .

There was first the renderings. Then low resolution and uncontrollable images. These have finally given way to more authentic press photos. And in recent days, we've seen detailed specs and hands-on videos of the Galaxy S10 and its immediate siblings – the very large Galaxy S10 Plus and the less expensive Galaxy S10E. All this will limit Samsung's ability to surprise us today with the range of legitimately impressive advanced technologies of its new phones, which includes a Snapdragon 855 chipset, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and Infinity-O display.

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Galaxy S10 and more: our grand preview Samsung Unpacked …


And yet, major revelations may be yet to come. the the company has confirmed that he will also show his foldable phone, probably named the Galaxy Fold, to today Unzipped event. And there are rumors that Samsung will also share more details on its 5G phone, maybe called the Galaxy Xreveal a pair of wireless headphones Galaxy Buds, and announce new wireless charging devices and updated wearables.

With so many products shared in the spotlight, Samsung is likely to surpass the Galaxy S10, which is apparently the focus of this edition of Unpacked. However, the presentation of a revamped portfolio, instead of a few new phones, could bring much needed excitement to this event – and give Samsung a leg up on its competitors. Xiaomi and Huawei both should reveal their own foldable models at the Mobile World Congress next week. A large number of companies will introduce 5G phones in the coming months. And Apple can introduce the next generation of its own wireless headphones in March.

We will have all the official details later today at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco, when Samsung launches his speech at 11 am, coast time / 14 hours ET. In the meantime, we have gathered below all the known facts and the most interesting rumors. Viewing.

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Confirmed: the launch of the Galaxy S10 on February 20 in San Francisco

Samsung has discontinued CES 2019 with the announcement of the date and location of the next Unpacked event and we now know that the next flagship will call the Galaxy S10. The event will take place on Wednesday, February 20th at 11 am, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. CNET will be on the ground to cover live announcements.



We thought that Samsung would save the launch of its foldable phone for MWC the following week – but no. The company unveiled a new confirmation video confirming that we will also see what should call the Galaxy Fold on February 20th.

Confirmed: the Galaxy S10 will be shipped on March 8


Justin Jaffe / CNET

Samsung has now opened reservations for the Galaxy S10 – and if you do yours nowyou'll get early access to pre-ordering, up to $ 550 in rebate, $ 50 off accessories, and new phone delivery on March 8th. This corroborates the delivery date previously reported by Gizmodo UK and the Wall Street Journal.

Rumor: Three Galaxy S10 phones, including Plus and Essential models

According to rumors, the Galaxy S10 three configurations:

Galaxy S10: The name is official but almost everything else is a rumor. This model would be the same size as the current Galaxy S9, but with even thinner glasses. It is expected to have a 6.1-inch screen and, perhaps, according to Twitter Universe Leaked Ice, a total of three cameras.

Galaxy S10 Plus: Maybe named Beyond X or Beyond 2, he will be the successor of the Galaxy S9 Plus. It will have the largest screen – perhaps a 6.4 inch screen – and up to four rear cameras, two front cameras and one big battery. Claims of the ice universe that the Galaxy S10 Plus will have a thickness of 7.8 mm and a battery of 4000 mAh.

Galaxy S10E: Currently known as Galaxy S10 Essential, formerly known as Galaxy S10 Lite and possibly called Beyond 0 under the code name. Designed to compete with the iPhone XR, it could be a smaller, less expensive device with a 5.8-inch screen and few embellishments. Other rumors include straight edges instead of two curved sides, no built-in fingerprint reader on the screen and no headphone jack.


The Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E renderings are based on rumors.

Concept creator

Confirmed: we will also see the Galaxy phone foldable on February 20th.

Royole FlexPai phone

The first folding phone on the market: the Royole FlexPai.

Sarah Tew / CNET

After months of speculation, it seems that Samsung plans to show its foldable phone, probably called the Galaxy Fold, alongside the Galaxy S10 on February 20th.

A few days ago, Samsung unveiled a video announcement stating "The future of mobile will take place on February 20, 2019", accompanied by images of Korean and English words that define "the future unfolds" sliding along with 39, an invisible curved surface. This follows a Wall Street Journal report predicting that Samsung was preparing to show a more developed version of the prototype announced at the annual developer conference in November 2018.

Rumor has announced many possible names for the foldable model, including the Winner Galaxy, Galaxy X, Galaxy F and Galaxy Fold. On the eve of the unveiling, it looks more and more like Samsung opted for "Galaxy Fold".

Many companies talk about foldable phones – including Huawei, LG and others – but so far there is only one on the market today, the Royole FlexPai. Even though we know more than we had in November, when Samsung's foldable phone became real, what we've seen so far from the camera has raised more questions than answers.

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The Galaxy S10, 5G and foldable phones are the news of CES 2019


Rumor: February 20, we'll see Samsung's 5G phone, the Galaxy S10X

We have also heard rumors that Samsung will show a variant of the Galaxy S10 Perhaps called the Galaxy S10X, the phone is expected to be launched in Korea in March for 800,000 to 900,000 won, which will translate to about 715 to 800 dollars (about 990 to 1115 Australian dollars or 555 to 625 pounds sterling). In addition to the 5G connectivity, the phone would have very heavy features: four rear cams and two front-facing, 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display, 5,000 mAh battery, 10 GB of RAM, and up to 10GB. at 1 TB of storage.

The potential overlap between the Galaxy S10 scheduled for February 20 and Samsung's 5G phone remains unclear. Although phones were not a hotbed of his remarks at CESHS Kim, who heads Samsung's Consumer Electronics division, said his company was the first to obtain FCC approval for its 5G commercial equipment. He also promised that the technology would be passed on to US consumers in the first half of 2019.

Samsung is committed to pulling out four 5G phones in 2019 – two for AT & T and one each for Verizon and Sprint. Despite persistent rumors, we do not expect Galaxy S10 flagship phones to be available from February 20th to 24th. support 5G. In November, Ko Koh, head of mobile phones at Samsung, told Korean reporters that a first device launched on Korean operators in March would be his first 5G phone. This could to be the Galaxy S10 X.

Rumor: The Galaxy S10 has a built-in fingerprint sensor, the S10 Essential does not allow it.

Since the race to Galaxy S8rumors were discussed the prospect of a fingerprint scanner integrated into a Galaxy screen. But once we got confirmation that Samsung's next phone would execute Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, which supports an ultrasonic variant of the technology, this seemed to be a lock for the S10.

galaxy-s 10-plus-new-leaked-1-1


We are now seeing so-called photos from the built-in scanner (from the SaudiAndroid Twitter user via SamMobile) on what looks like the S10 Plus – and the images certainly look authentic. However, the new photos of what is called the S10 Essential show a different layout, the scanner being placed on the side of the phone rather than on the screen.

Long regarded as the cheapest model of the next Galaxy range, the S10E is increasingly looking to position itself as a competitor of the iPhone XR. Given this, it is not surprising that Samsung has hidden one of the most expensive components of the Galaxy S10.

On-screen fingerprint sensors, able to accurately and safely identify your fingerprint with water and dirt, are already available in phones that you can buy. the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and OnePlus 6T have them both, and we expect this feature to be included in consumer phones in 2019.

Previously, phone case manufacturer ArmadilloTek suggested that the Galaxy S10's built-in scanner could not read the prints through tempered glass or PET screen protectors. It is said that Samsung has developed its own screen protectors that do not have holes for the scanner, though.

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Buds will attack Apple AirPods

samsung-galaxy-s 10-plus-1549466125-0-0

An image of what could be Samsung's Galaxy Buds.


Samsung may have developed new wireless headphones to compete Apple AirPodGerman technology website WinFuture has published a photo of what he calls Galaxy Buds, and which, he says, can be loaded wirelessly on the back of the next phone. We also saw photos of the buttons in tones corresponding to those of the canary yellow Galaxy S10E.

We say that Samsung can add a pair of buttons with pre-orders "In certain regions." In January, as reported by 91Mobiles, Samsung recorded a pair of wireless headphones with the FCC. According to this article, the device will support Bluetooth 5.0 and, in particular, has 8GB of built-in storage.

Rumor: The new renderings show the Galaxy S10 in black, white, blue and canary yellow

In the weeks before the introduction of a new phone, the manufacturers of cases and accessories often have access to the final dimensions of the device. With these, they are able to create dummy phones that look like the finished product and that may even have limited electronic capabilities. We are now squarely in this period for the Galaxy S10, with new images and videos – of which one showing the Galaxy S10E in a shade of yellow it reminds the iPhone XR – appear daily. Here are some recent ones:

Rumor: The Galaxy S10 will support Wi-Fi 6


Three new Galaxy phones are expected to support the latest Wi-Fi secure, low-power, faster standard.


Leave it to the FCC to leaked yet another detail on the Galaxy S10. According to the organization's certification database, the next batch of Galaxy phones will support the latest standard Wi-Fi low-power, faster, more secure, 802.11ax (or Wi-Fi 6). Tracked by Droid Life and confirmed by CNET, the phones are listed in the A3LSMG975U, A3LSMG973U and A3LSMG970U databases.

Rumor: A massive storage capacity arrives on the Galaxy S10


James Martin / CNET

Samsung raises the stakes in smartphone storage. The company announced that it began hard drives producing in series 1 TB this will populate future smartphones – which could very well include the Galaxy S10. The new universal flash storage modules (eUFS) double the capacity of the previous generation while maintaining the same footprint – an innovation according to Samsung is a first in the industry.

Lily: Samsung unveils 1 TB smartphone storage, a "first in the industry"

With 1TB of built-in storage, the company said that users could store up to 260 10-minute videos with 4K resolution. This compares to 13 videos of the same size that can be stored on 64GB flash storage "widely used in many high-end smartphones today," said Samsung.

Rumor: upgrade digital photography from the Samsung acquisition

The Israeli Globes report that Samsung may be in talks to acquire Corephotonics, the company that has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple because of its digital photography technology. Samsung is already an investor in the company.


More renderings of the Galaxy S10.

Evan Blass

Samsung strives to improve the quality of photos taken in dark conditions using digital photography. Nevertheless, given that the company is still in the "Advanced Negotiations" phase, it is unlikely that the Galaxy S10 will have any direct benefits from the potential purchase of Corephotonics. That said, there are many rumors that the future flagship product will offer a variety of new hardware and software features for the camera. More on this below.

Rumor: the Galaxy S10 will have an integrated crypto wallet

pics tweeted by the Ice Universe escape Wednesday claims to show the Samsung Galaxy S10 with support for crypto-currencies and sporting a Blockchain KeyStore. The text displayed on the handset screen calls the keystore "a safe and convenient place for your cryptocurrency".

Rumor: Six cameras including double perforation on the S10 Plus

For months, we heard on the many cameras coming on the Galaxy S10 – including up to four at the back and two others at the front, at least on the Plus model. (The "ordinary" Galaxy S10 should only have one lens and three rear cameras.) We have now seen several images that show what the elongated perforation matrix of the larger model might look like.


The German site has published a series of photos on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus prototypes. This follows the message from last week's user of Reddit @ hissick27, which apparently showed a Galaxy S10 Plus with two circular cameras in the upper right corner of the screen.

Rumor: "Brilliant Night" mode for poorly lit photos

Google Pixel 3 won the title of Best Android Phone 2018, thanks in large part to the outstanding technology of its camera, which produces outstanding photos even in low light conditions. Now, XDA Developers has uncovered evidence that Samsung could prepare its own version of Google Night Sight feature – called, "Bright Night", which could debut on the Galaxy S10.

Based on clues found in recent code An interface Communicate – to learn more below – Samsung has apparently developed a way to produce bright photos in very dark conditions using digital photography. If this is true, it could help the Galaxy S10 to fix one of the biggest gaps in the Galaxy S9 and make it stronger with the best phones to take pictures in 2019.

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Pixel 3 Star Camera Raises the Bar Again


Rumor: New models with larger screens

Two days before Christmas, The ice world tweeted screen dimensions for five upcoming Samsung phones – including a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 (more details below) and the note 10. The tweet corroborates previous information and, if it is accurate , suggests that the price will not be the only item to increase in 2019.

With a diagonal of 6.11 inches, the Galaxy S10's screen would be about 5% larger than the Galaxy S9's, and a 6.44-inch S10 Plus display would be about 4% larger than its predecessor. Note 10 also appears configured for a larger screen of 5%. The supposed size of the Galaxy S10E's screen should be about the same size as that of the current Galaxy S9.

Rumor: Prices will go up, going from $ 845 to $ 1765

Samsung is about to follow the example of Apple and drive up prices of its next series of flagship phones. Gizmodo UK reports that a new entry-level Galaxy S10, possibly the S10E, with 128GB of storage, will start at £ 669 – or about 845 USD. Prices only go up from there for standard S10 and S10 Plus models, which may include superior camera technology and other high-end features.

Here is an overview of the prices assumed for each model and level of storage. Do not forget that prices in the UK include a 20% tax. As a result, dollar equivalents are not direct conversions, even if they are accurate:

  • Galaxy S10E, 128 GB: 669 €
  • Galaxy S10, 128 GB: € 799
  • Galaxy S10, 512 GB: £ 999
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 128 GB: £ 899
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 512 GB: £ 1,099
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 1TB: £ 1,399

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Foldable Galaxy could be very expensive


Rumor: The S10 headphone jack remains in place for the moment

Before disabling the headphone jack, take note. The Samsung Galaxy A8S does not have one. But he has a screen that should come on the Galaxy S10 (see below). In October, the Korean newspaper ET News announced that Samsung could abandon the headphone jack of Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11.

For now, however, the headphone jack seems to be safe. A case linked to the Galaxy S10 has a hole for a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This is reason enough for the prolific Ice Universe tweet a short video of the transparent plastic case. Of course, without knowing anything about the case manufacturer or how this company got its information, there is no way to independently verify the accuracy of the design. Also note the wide horizontal window at the back where multiple cameras could go.

Will the Galaxy S10 bring the portrait mode to video?

Qualcomm has introduced video support in portrait mode. Snapdragon 855 chip for phones 2019 and beyond, but that does not guarantee that Samsung will take advantage of this technology.

If this is the case, you may be applying a depth detection bokeh effect to video subjects and photos. Qualcomm said you would be able to swap the fuzzy backgrounds of these 4K movies against other scenes from a library of choice.


At its developer conference in November, Samsung introduced three notch models: a V-notch, a U-notch and an O-notch. Also shown: no nicks.

Juan Garzon / CNET

Learn more about Infinity-O's self-portrait camera snap

Although Samsung has told the world that it is working on three new notch models for future phones, the company has never engaged in Infinity-V, Infinity-U or Infinity- models. O for his Galaxy S10.

At this point, we would be shocked if we saw anything other than the Infinity-O screen, which features a hole drilled in a corner for at least one camera lens. Samsung has formalized the design in the new ad Galaxy A8S, a phone for China, but it is likely that Samsung will release the design on a less important phone in case problems arise, that the designers could solve, rather than take a risk on his most important phone the # 39; year.

The renderings show the "punch" of the selfie camera on either side, but more recent rumors insist that it will be right when you look at the face of the phone. Blass suggests that the Infinity-O will come on the Galaxy S10.

Lily: Is the Galaxy A8S a test run for the Galaxy S10's O-notch screen? It makes sense

Will the Galaxy S10 launch the iris scanner and will it finally get a "face ID" in 3D?

When the Galaxy S9 arrived for the first time, we were disappointed not to have used secure 3D depth mapping technology to unlock the phone, such as the iPhone's face identification code. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, launched in 2017, supports mapping with 50,000 infrared points, compared to Apple's 30,000 infrared points. Instead, the Galaxy S9 has retained Samsung's secure unlocking of the iris and unsecured face unlocking, the latter being a staple on Android phones.

It may be time for Samsung to step up its face-unlocking game. Rumors are pointing to the Galaxy S10 loses the iris scanner and win a rival to Face ID. The latest Qualcomm chip supports another type of face mapping technology that is also secure enough for mobile payments, called Sense ID 3D Face Authentication. Perhaps it is this sensor that could influence Samsung's attitude on the Face ID.

In addition to unlocking the phone safely with a facial scan, a selfie depth mapping camera could enable better AR applications and effects, such as the very disastrous AR Emoji, a rival who preceded much more cleverly executed from Apple Memoji.

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AR emoji of the Galaxy S9: How are they good?


Fact: the Galaxy S10 will run the Samsung One UI interface on Android 9

Samsung confirmed to CNET that all future phones, including the foldable phone, will use the new A user interface this Samsung has now released in the United Statesafter unveiling it at its November developer conference. The One UI interface design declines the current Samsung experience and attempts to group the icons for one-hand simplified use. It will work with Android Pie, the ninth version of Google's mobile software, but not with earlier versions of Android.

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Samsung foldable phone will use a user interface


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