Laura Bailey finishes capturing performance as one of Neil Druckmann's "favorite characters"

Neil Druckmann confirmed that Larua Bailey had completed his performance capture work as a "favorite character" in The Last of Us Part 2.

Following one of the most critically acclaimed video games, The last of us part 2 is easily part of the most anticipated games on the horizon, and it seems that the game seems to be making its way into development with some recently packed performance screenshots.

In particular, the performance capture sessions of actress Laura Bailey have been closed, as confirmed by a photo of Neil Druckmann on Instagram. With Bailey's photo after (presumably) one of his last performance capture sessions for the game, Druckmann also said "Thank you for helping me bring one of my lives to life." favorite characters ", and that Bailey" crushed "him.

This photo comes just days after being confirmed by the fact that rapper Logic apparently would play a character from the game from another performance capture session, in which the actor (and Bailey's husband) ) Travis Willingham would play another character with Logic.

We still do not know when. The last of us part 2 coming up, the photos on the board show at least some important milestones for some parts of the game's development. Hopefully we'll see the game in more detail later this year and we'll have an idea of ​​when this much-awaited sequel will finally be part of our hands.

The last of us part 2 is currently under development for PS4, although no window or release date for the title has been confirmed for the moment, aside from speculation that it could arrive later this year.

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