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LaVar Ball – The Lonzo Trade Will Be The Worst Lakers Movement

LOS ANGELES – Shortly after learning that his son, Lonzo Ball, will be part of a big game for Anthony Davis, LaVar Ball has clearly explained what he thought the Los Angeles Lakers were coming from. 39; accept.

"I guarantee you: as I repeat, it will be the worst thing the Lakers have done with their lives and they will never win another championship," LaVar Ball told ESPN while he was at the Drew League Saturday to watch his son LaMelo play. "To guarantee it.

"They'll regret it, I'm going to have fun with it, because I told you everything, it broke down." [the Lakers] completely crushed, but at least my son got off the boat before the thing exploded. I gave them a chance. You can go back and go back. I said that if you have the three brothers Ball, you can survive that. You let him go, oh, it'll be a cold day in hell. Trust and believe that. "

Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo Ball and LaVar Ball were all at the Drew League to watch the most recent match, shortly after sources announced to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that the Lakers and Pelicans of New Orleans had agreed to an agreement to send Lonzo, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three first-round picks – including this year's overall selection No. 4 – in exchange for Davis.

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Lonzo stopped and took pictures with several fans before politely refusing to answer questions regarding the announced agreement.

LaVar told ESPN in February, before the trade deadline, that he did not want Lonzo to be traded to New Orleans before the talks between the Lakers and Pelicans ended. The former Ball then told ESPN that if his son could not stay in Los Angeles, the Phoenix Suns would be a good choice.

On Saturday, LaVar was asked if Lonzo would play for the Pelicans, who also have leader Jrue Holiday.

Lonzo missed the last 36 games of the season due to an ankle injury, but he was shooting on the ground and had to start contact drills next month, according to a source.

LaVar said his son felt "good".

"Lonzo is not worried about any trade," LaVar said. "He just wants to play so his main goal is:" As long as my foot will improve, I will play for anyone. "

The agreed trade agreements mark the end of the balloon era in Los Angeles, which lasted only two seasons marked by injuries with the Lakers. Lonzo, who played at Chino Hills in Southern California while he was in high school, was ranked second overall in 2017 on UCLA amidst huge expectations.

Magic Johnson, the former president of the Lakers basketball operations, believed so much in Ball that he traded the former No. 2 choice of Angelo Russell in June 2017 to allow him to become the leader of the franchise. At the press conference of introduction to Ball, Johnson said the 19-year-old hopeful would someday see his No. 2 jersey hanging in rafters with other Lakers legends.

The ugly LaVar only added to the huge hype around Lonzo when he revived his sportswear company, Big Baller Brand, with predictions of headlines on his son.

Ball's career in the Lakers group began in vivid fashion when he created a buzz with his game to help them win the Las Vegas Summer League in 2017. However, his injuries to the They have slowed and Ball has never played more than 52 games in his two seasons.

He averaged 10 points, 6.4 assists and 6.2 rebounds, while shooting 38% of the field and only 43.7% of the free throw line in 99 games for the Lakers.

"What do I think that went wrong? I know what went wrong," LaVar said about the balloon era in Latin America, which is the only thing that has gone wrong. ended prematurely after so much hype. "Coaching was the beginning, when I did not see [former Lakers coach Luke Walton] believe in Lonzo and start to take him after five or six minutes and put him back in and do not start the fourth quarter, he never played like that. … Now you do not let him win. You have those ragged coaches who have trained with these elastics – guess what, you are going to hurt yourself. "

"Magic knows talent," added LaVar. "He knows how good Lonzo is, and when these people obstruct the vision, you have no precision."

LaVar said Lonzo, who had priority in the past, will help Zion Williamson, who should be first overall in New Orleans on Thursday.

"Lonzo could be with Sara Lee, and she's going to be good," LaVar said. "Lonzo with no matter who, Lonzo will groom him, letting him know that when you're open, you'll get the ball, he'll make it so much better than everyone else thinks, so everyone doubts it and says : You know what? You do not have these post changes.You're not polite, but a good runner and athletic, "Lonzo is going to tweak it."

LaVar said the Lakers "are going to be known for always getting rid of big players," adding that "all those who get away from the Lakers, my boy, are doing so much better after escaping".

"The proof is in the pudding," he said, citing Russell and ex-Laker Julius Randle. "I'm not saying that, anyone who leaves, unless you're with Lonzo and you're stuck in Cleveland like Larry Nance and [Jordan] Clarkson. They do not do as well. Zo makes them better than that. "

LaVar, who still wants to see a team engage his three sons to play together, said that a fresh start could be a good thing for Lonzo.

"I do not care where Lonzo plays," LaVar said. "I want him to play, and it's better to go somewhere where you can just play and do your thing and be that guy instead of having all those question marks behind you."

"And once you do not believe in him, it's pretty hard to come back and say," Oh, we believe in him now because we do not know if you're true or not. "You had the first chance to believe in him and you did not do it, so guess what, it's time to go."

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