Lawyer Kim Foxx of Cook County Withdraws From Smollett Case – History

– Cook County attorney Kim Foxx is officially disqualified from the Jussie Smollett case, according to Chicago police.

State Deputy Attorney Joseph Magats takes charge of the case.

On Tuesday, Nigeria's two brothers and their lawyers appeared before the prosecutors and police at the Cook County Courthouse. The brothers and their lawyer were brought in and out of the building in the greatest secrecy – treatment rarely granted by prosecutors and generally reserved for celebrities as the time when Oprah Winfrey went there as a juror.

Lawyer Gloria Schmidt was seen coming out of a room bearing the inscription "Grand Jury". When she was asked about her clients, she replied that she was simply not commenting.

Police told FOX 32 that the brothers had not testified before a grand jury. The police also said that the brothers were cooperating as it appears that they are trying to found a case against Smollett.

Meanwhile, federal investigators are still investigating the hate letter that was sent to Smollett in the "Empire" studios. This is an investigation separate from the one conducted by the Chicago Police. If the federal government finds out that Smollett has sent this letter well and that he can prove it, he could also face separate federal charges of the case that the Chicago police is in the process of to prepare.

Foxx recusing himself comes the same day CPD investigated but rejected a tip that in the night, the actor "Empire" Jussie Smollett said to have been attacked by two masked men, he was in the elevator of his building. The two brothers were later arrested and released in the investigation, a spokesman for the department said Tuesday.

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