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Leak says the Galaxy Note 10 will be very expensive to launch, but whatever, BGR

We know all there is to know about the Galaxy Note 10, at least as far as design and specifications are concerned. All information was leaked well before the August 7th press conference, as is the case with Samsung's flagship products. A new report from a trusted provider reveals one of the secrets of Note 10: its exorbitant price. Yes, the phone will be expensive, but you should not worry about it.

From the iPhone X almost two years ago, prices of flagship products have risen dramatically. Most of Apple's competitors are looking to take advantage of Apple's new $ 999 basic smartphone price. Some of them have tried to beat Apple's price and position their smartphones as much cheaper alternatives, while others have simply increased the price of their flagship product in response to the decision of Apple. Apple, hoping that buyers would not bother him.

When the Note 10 will be sold in mid-August, the smaller version will cost 999 €, while the Galaxy Note 10+ will cost 1,115 €, according to the famous leak specialist Roland Quandt.

These prices are those of the European Union market and they will be different in the United States, but do not expect that the phones are cheaper at launch.

I've already said that you should not worry about these prices and I'll explain why. First, the basic version of Note 10 / Note 10+ will come with 256GB of on-board storage, double the base memory of the Galaxy S10. Note 10 may not support microSD storage, which partly explains why Samsung makes sure you have enough built-in flash memory if you buy the lowest 10 note.

On top of that, it seems that Samsung is providing the phone with a brand new USB-C wired earphone. Now, if you pre-order the phone in advance, you'll get free stuff and I'll look at you, Galaxy Buds. Wireless headphones were available for free with Galaxy S10 pre-orders, and Samsung had run out of inventory soon after launching the phone in March. Note 10 does not have a headphone jack, which is a good reason to pair it with a wireless headset during pre-orders.

In addition to this, Samsung and operators will offer various upgrade offers that may include smartphone exchanges. You will still have to pay a lot of money for the 10th ticket, but all these offers will make the cost much easier to bear.

But wait, it's even better. If you do not care about pre-order offers and free offers from Samsung and are ready to wait a few more months, you'll probably get an even cheaper rating. That's what's happening in the Android ecosystem at the moment, thanks to the intense competition in the high end of the market. The value of the Galaxy S10 dropped considerably a few months after the launch of the phone and is already much more affordable than a few months ago. Note 10 will soon be the same, as there is no reason for this flagship product from Samsung to retain its value better than the S10.

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