Leaked images in Google Pixel 4 showing Sprint as a carrier



The front panel of Pixel 4, as disclosed by XDA developers.

XDA developers

Google Pixel 4 There may be only a few weeks left, but even the multitude of Google teasers has not slowed down the leaks around the company's next device. The latest look comes from XDA Developers, who apparently got pictures showing the phone. Whereas Google has officially teased the rear cameras and front upper bezel – which includes a Project Soli sensor for gestures and enhancement of the technology of unlocking the face – XDA shows the entire body of the phone.

Looks like Google has abandoned the two-tone color scheme that has long been a feature of the Pixel line, but beyond that, there is not much to gain from the hardware side. The leaked device runs on Sprint, however, so it is possible that the new phone will be launched at the carrier, as opposed to Verizon, like previous Pixel launches.


The apparent back of the Pixel 4.

XDA developers

With the launch of Pixel 3A in May, Google has expanded operators selling Pixel to T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular, in addition to Verizon and its own Project Fi.

The search giant has traditionally updated its range of pixels in the fall, but it remains to be seen whether the company's new flagship product will enter a 5G flavor if it actually heads for Sprint.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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