Leakers Find more information about Season 8 of Fortnite


The season 8 of Fortnite is only in a few weeks and fans expect new items, Battle Pass, and supposed changes to the map.

Epic Games has officially announced that the end of season 7 will end on February 28, with the addition of "Overtime" challenges that will allow players to win a free pass for season 8.

GamingIntel was able to obtain images and information disclosed on what should happen to Fortnite in Season 8, including upgrades to Battle Pass, Fortnite Creative and Save the World.

IMG: GamingIntel

The picture above is a leak and should not be considered official.

The publication begins with "Stand your sol! Season 8 begins with the devastating earthquake that tears the island. Find out what has changed in places like Tilted Towers and Polar Peak, and venture underground in recently exposed areas! "

"Experience the new Battle Pass and further customize your experience with unlockable lobby backgrounds while unleashing new styles for the six customizable skins."

"Discover the official launch of Fortnite Creative and use all new prefabs, devices and weapons from your islands. In Save the World, fight the storm using the all-new revamped hero system! "

Could inclined towers be destroyed in season 8?

The job description also contained information on the Season 8 Battle Pass with "The Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass, 100 levels, over 100 new awards. Now available for 950 V-Bucks. "

The message on GamingIntel added that "… if this leak of Fortnite Season 8 was to do something, many site changes should occur at the launch of the upcoming season. As stated in the description, Tilted Towers and Polar Peak should have some major changes. "

If GamingIntel leaks prove correct, the Fortnite card will experience historical changes in Season 8!

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